We’ve gathered together a list of podcasts that have been recommended by the GenderGP community. From sex to transition, healthcare to activism – these podcasts have all the Queer content you could want.


What the Trans

Created in response to cis-nonsense in the media, this UK-based weekly podcast is made by and for transgender and non-binary people. Expect responses to news, fact checking, interviews and “a generous helping of snark.”

Transgender Podcast

The T Pod

Presented by Stephanie, a trans woman, and Spencer, a trans man. The presenters of the T Pod describe themselves as: “Your friendly neighbourhood trans people.”

Their pod is a mix of interviews and chat, covering topics from news to sex.

Queer Talk

A UK based LGBTQ+ pod with a focus on positive news discussions and issues affecting LGBTQ+ people in the UK and around the world. Hosted by Spencer Cooper, and Mufseen Miah.

Fascinatingly Odd? Fantastically Queer!

Fabulous interviews with fabulous queer people. Fun, camp and informative podcast. Expect fashionistas, activism, history and pop culture.

Gender Stories

Trans masculine, non-binary author Alex Iantaffi hosts this podcast, which builds on their book “How to Understand Your Gender: a practical guide for exploring who you are”. Alex and guests reflect on how gender impacts the different areas of people’s lives. Expect an eclectic variety of guests and topics, from money to music to erotica.


A new podcast based in the U.S, which takes a deep dive into the serious issues, such as what to do when you actually get cancelled with Dawn Ennis, the first woman to come out as trans while working in Network TV in America.

Pride & Joy

This BBC podcast is hosted by trans man Freddy McConnell. The podcast focuses on Queer families, including fertility struggles, surrogacy and raising rainbow families. Expect stories of heartache, courage, joy and hope.

Gender Reveal Podcast

Gender Reveal amplifies the stories of trans and nonbinary folks and also provides gender 101 episodes, to educate people seeking to learn more about gender.

GenderGP logo

We couldn’t leave ourselves off the list! Each week trans woman and Lead Therapist at GGP, Marianne Oakes joins Dr Helen Webberley and a range of guests to discuss issues affecting the trans community. Expect a focus on health care and activism, from gender confirmation surgery to the rights of trans children, this podcast is always informative.


Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash