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If the holiday season gives us yet another reason to get glammed up with party looks, we’re all for it. If you’re ready to wave your make-up brushes in the air during the Christmas party season—or any season—keep reading for make-up looks for trans women that are insanely gorgeous any time of year.

Jackie Aina

Jackie’s tagline is: Changing the standard of beauty, one video at a time. If you’ve ever seen one of her videos, you know what we’re talking about. This vibrant neon electric look is really stunning. Jackie produces wearable make-up looks, no matter how dramatic they are. We only have her to blame if we all show up to our Zoom calls in this dazzling neon combination. If we’re going to go all out—let’s go all out

Jackie creates not only wearable styles but also ones that are useful, such as mask-friendly make-up that prevents smudging. With over 3 million subscribers who adore her brilliance, wit, and relatable personality, you may just try all of her looks.



Katie Jane Hughes

Instagram: @katiejanehughes

Feeling unsure about how to use your brushes or simply want to learn more? On Instagram, Katie maintains a free, fun, and interactive teaching academy: KJH Academy. 

Katie will demonstrate how to accomplish the look she’s teaching through video. She showcases and honors diverse make-up looks. Don’t forget to take a photo of yourself after you’ve finished and tag it accordingly. Once you post and tag, you’ll undoubtedly become a part of the supportive KJH community. And with nearly a million followers, you’ll be wondering if you are more smitten by Katie’s fun personality or make-up looks.

Katie is known for her dewy skin looks and creative artistry. This is one idea you should definitely try. Those fierce eyes and muted lips are perfect for MTF make-up looks. Not a fan of the metallic colours? Swap them out for something that suits you. The world is your oyster! 


Lisa Eldridge

Although this look is titled New Year’s Eve make-up, we believe this cherry plum look is appropriate for all occasions and events. 

Lisa will walk you through step-by-step on recreating this look. Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact products and brushes she uses. The idea is to use what you have and what is accessible to you. Lisa is a fantastic teacher, and you’ll be rocking your cherry colors all over town in no time—or even just to grab that cup of tea or coffee. 


Nikki Tutorials

Nikki has walked her 13+ million subscribers through series such as the power of make-up. But in this video, Nikki shares her facial feminizing techniques for MTF make-up. You know you’ll be in good hands just by her disclaimer: one of love and inclusivity. Without question, Nikki is fantastic, and you’ll learn about the transformational power of make-up. Whether you watch one or all of her tutorials, you’ll acquire confidence in creating looks you never thought possible.

Nikki’s story is especially notable to watch, told through another series, Layers of Me, and coming out under her own terms. Now she’s transformed her love of make-up into a make-up brand. How’s that for living your best life?


Smitha Deepak

Whether you struggle with anxiety, have arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, or an unsteady hand—for goodness sakes, where has this advice been? Smitha Deepak reveals her strategies for getting a stunning classic winged eyeliner even if your not-so-sturdy hands don’t allow you to create that straight wing. Nothing says classic like a black wing and red lips.

Smitha uses a guide tool created by make-up artist Terri Bryant of Guide Beauty. Terri’s story is as beautiful as it is inspiring. She is a respected make-up artist who started to see changes in her ability and make-up application techniques. Terri was eventually diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Guide Beauty emerged from her personal frustrations and challenges, her clients’ struggles, and many others. 


Wayne Goss

With over 1600 videos and nearly 4 million subscribers, Wayne’s channel is jam-packed with looks that run the entire gamut. He has become a one-stop-shop for make-up looks, tips, and tricks. Wayne creates video tutorials on anything from keeping concealer from creasing to how to get your make-up to last all day and how to curl your lashes to at-home face peels.

But let’s imagine you’re new to MTF make-up and have no idea the differences between eyeshadow brushes and foundation shades. Instead, you might want to start small and master those methods before attempting black winged eyeliner. This video is for you. Wayne will show you how to achieve a lovely simple style that will boost your confidence in make-up application.