To finish off the year with a bang we wanted to highlight the best pieces of trans news in 2022!

2022 Has Been a Year of Progress

We would like to begin with a very, very recent announcement.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 The Scottish government has passed the Gender Recognition Reform Bill! Trans people will now be able to legally change their gender without requiring a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria. In another win for the community the minimum age requirement was also lowered from 18 to 16. What incredible news.

🇩🇪 Germany has also introduced a new law that will allow trans people to self-identify! Previously, trans people were required to undergo medical procedures and examinations to legally change their gender. Now anyone over the age of 14 can change their gender by self-identifying as trans and no court order will be necessary. In the future trans people in Germany will gain more autonomy over their own identity in the eyes of the law.

🇺🇸 This year the ‘Americans with Disabilities Act’ was updated to include gender dysphoria, with a Federal Court ruling in August of 2022. Not all trans people experience gender dysphoria. However, this ruling could help the trans community when faced with anti-trans people’s efforts to restrict their access to gender-affirming healthcare. Trans people deserve the same protection as everybody else.

🇺🇸 💡 Another 2022 study has confirmed that top surgery does indeed improve chest dysphoria in trans men and trans masculine people. This study examined 70 patients, half underwent top surgery, and the other half did not. The findings confirmed that top surgery improves feelings of chest dysphoria, gender congruence, and body image in young trans adults.

More Countries Stepping Forward

🇲🇹Malta is one of the top countries regarding trans healthcare in Europe. This year, the Prime Minister announced plans to cover the cost of gender-affirming surgeries! Malta was the first country to ban conversion therapy and is now progressing even more with this new decision. Taking over the cost of gender-related surgeries is an incredible step in showing the trans community that you are dedicated to trans equality. We need more news like this!

🇧🇷 2022 was a great year for Brazil as well. A new president, Lula, was elected – a major improvement from anti-LGBTQ+ president Bolsonaro. Additionally, two trans women were also elected to congress this year – more positive news. This will hopefully incite more change in one of the most dangerous countries for trans people in the world.

🇵🇰 Another highlight is Pakistan. The South Asian country launched a new support hotline for trans people. This hotline aims to provide support for any trans person dealing with discrimination and harassment. Trans people in Pakistan face a lot of violence even at the hands of the police. While it is not enough in itself and just a small step, the trans community will hopefully feel more protected by the hotline, and this could be the start of substantial change in the country.

🇧🇪 Belgium also took a step towards LGBTQ+ equality. The country plans to ban the horrific practices of conversion therapy for all LGBTQ+ people, including the trans and gender diverse community. The UK needs to follow in their footsteps and expand their ban to include trans people as well. There is no freedom until we are all equal.

Finishing off 2022

🇬🇧💼 In 2022, both HSBC and NatWest have announced that they will pay for their trans staff members’ gender-affirming treatment. HSBC stated that they wish to support their employees the best they can. This includes providing access to life-saving treatment in order for their trans and non-binary dependents to be their true authentic self.

🇬🇧📙 Last but not least, Cambridge Dictionary has updated their definition of ‘man’ and ‘woman’ to be more trans-inclusive. All cultures are shaped by language and language changes with time. Thus, it is important that in 2022 we aim to be as inclusive as possible. Men and women are now also defined as people who identify as men or women even though they were assigned a different sex at birth.

The trans and gender diverse community still faces a lot of discrimination and marginalisation in our global society. But despite the transphobes and haters, 2022 HAS been a year of progress. Being trans can be the most joyous experience of your life. So wherever we are, let’s celebrate all trans identities and make 2023 another year with many great achievements!

We wish you all a Happy New Year!