“When you can’t, we will. Our future will be positively different.”


How are you? It’s a question we continually ask our members and each other. A question which has never been more necessary given the amount of focus, judgement, misunderstanding and misinformation that is currently the context within which the trans community is living virtually everywhere in the world.

While we are all adjusting to a new level of scrutiny and attention, what we know is this; what we are doing, together right now, is not only necessary today but required in order to secure a safe future for us all. And whilst you are probably thinking (as we often are) how can they get away with such inadequacies of thought and lack of equality so openly. We are also comforted that like the struggles that have come before us in under a decade we expect there to be an entirely different context in which we live. One that is compassionate, understanding, evidence based and reflective. Where trans people can openly seek the support, assistance and help they need safely, without judgement and on their terms.

So this week if you are reading the news, or scrolling socials and you feel alone, or let down by what you see, know that you are not. Not alone. Not the only one feeling let down. Not the only one being targeted. GenderGP and Helen for a decade have stood side-by-side with you and thousands like you advocating for fairness, for better treatment, for a pathway forward and when you couldn’t forge your own way through we found a way through with you.


We will continue to do this…

For you and all trans and non-binary people everywhere. You will always find comfort, refuge, representation and ways forward here, with us. Together we believe in under a decade real, permanent positive change will take place and we will be right here to see it through, with you.

We say this having been working so hard over the last months on our future. Our future processes and services. And to help you understand the change that has taken place with us recently we would also like to speak openly about what has been happening that is making GenderGP more accessible, more sustainable and more useful for you our members.

At the end of 2023, we took the leap to begin the migration to our newly developed systemsThis new system is proving that it enhances our efficiency, improves processes and ensures you receive quality and consistent services that are safe and more accessible.

As you know we have always embraced technology, but humans are writing these words, humans make up our company, and humans are at the heart of every decision we make. We recognise that, at times, it hasn’t felt that way and we’ve not shared enough of this journey with you which has caused frustration and on occasion misinformation about what we were doing (not why necessarily) to spread through our community. What started out as small steps towards change has become giant leaps, with brave and bold developments we just know you are going to love and get real value from.


Let’s Talk…

Using questions and comments from our members, we would like to provide you with an update which outlines what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how it can help you on your journey.

Why are you changing the processes?

We know the old addage if it ain’t broke etc… and well our systems were never broken so why are we bothering? We just knew they could be better and more sustainable. Why is that important? Well this is a long term commitment from us to ensure that we will be able to help more and more people across the world. We started small (many of you will remember) and now we have had to admit to ourselves that we are one of the largest trans digital health providers in the world. Which means we have a responsibility to our members existing and future to support them with services that stand the test of time and can be used over and over again.

Why haven’t you told us what’s happening? 

We wanted to develop our new systems, whilst operating as normal with as little impact to our members as possible. Whilst we fully acknowledge that some of our members have been affected by this period of evolution we also know that these steps were necessary in order to ensure that the service you need is future-proofed and can be equally offered to new members as well as existing. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks for putting up with our growing pains, but we are confident this period is almost over and you will get to enjoy the benefits that are making their way to you as we write this!

I’ve been trying to talk to you, but it has been harder – why?

You can talk to us using our new live chat service if you need to. But what we have learnt in a decade of providing services we have carefully and rigorously documented and it is now available 24/7 without the need for you to write an email and wait for a reply. It is always on trans specific knowledge online and available to you day and night.

We will also be releasing a next generation Knowledge Base in the coming weeks making it more interactive, human and super fast to get the answers you need.

I requested a prescription and it hasn’t come through – what’s happening with it?

As our systems have changed whilst we carry on operating, there have been some delays in processing. All prescription and treatment review requests can be submitted via our Help Centre for processing in our new system using the forms available. We want to ensure that you’re supported, safe and covered when it comes to your medication but if the process is taking longer than usual, please make sure everything is up to date – your membership, your choices, your sessions.  

I just want to find one thing out, do I really have to book a paid appointment to do so? 

No, absolutely not. Our Knowledge Base and FAQ’s cover pretty much everything in terms of what you need to know. However, you have been asking for the option to talk to someone for years, so we have created it!. If there’s something specific to you, such as a change you are considering to your treatment or a question about your journey, then this is something that you would have always needed to speak with a member of our team for. This is why we have introduced our Quick Chat Sessions, to provide you with a low cost option to chat directly with our Health Advisors.

Bear in mind that our Knowledge Base is still in production so what you’re seeing is the start of something much bigger, along with new automations to obtain the answers you are seeking.

So, what does this new system look like?

What we want to emphasise is that we’re not taking anything away from the operating model we had before – we’re adding to it. We’re still humans, every step of the process is overseen by us. But we’re applying bespoke software so that processes like prescriptions, blood tests and medical steps can efficiently and accurately processed., according to international clinical guidelines and evidence-based best practice.

There are also incredible new features in the pipeline, putting you in the driving seat of your journey, empowering you to make decisions about your care and allowing you access to care every minute of everyday . This will start with a new member portal which is coming soon!


The Future

We know there’s been a little upset and unrest, but we also have to stay honest about it and say change does that to everyone. Change is unpopular often as it happens. In this case it is honestly nothing to be scared about or worried about. We are only adding to our member services, so that you can get more from us and for the long term

That said, we haven’t always taken time to speak to you about the changes that is on us, sometimes we are so busy building we forget to tell you what and why we are doing it. Sorry about that friends, we are all heads-down motoring through the work focused on getting you something even more amazing and we promise to keep putting our heads up and speaking with you like this more often.

We truly value the community that we have built over this past decade, more than we can say and our mission has never changed. Our mission is you. To support you, to be transparent with you, to empower you and to be a trusted, accessible force for good.

We appreciate your patience (especially when we know that is one of the hardest things to give) whilst we take these last few steps. What comes next is so exciting we really can’t wait to share it with you and most importantly demonstrate the real benefits you will get by using these new processes as we continue on your personal journey together. 

And we know it probably doesn’t need saying because you know us well enough. But we will say it anyway. For clarity and because it is the truth. Where other services are backing off, where other people are turning away, where systems are closing down we… GenderGP are stepping ever forward, investing, improving and always standing by your side. 

There are a lot of people that need our help, who are alone, who are looking for people just like them. Let’s make sure when they find us we can bring them into our loving, safe, strong and supportive GenderGP community. Where every single member, every single one of you is tremendously important to us. Where we can ask them “how are you?” and we can deal with the answers.

All our love, always
Team GenderGP