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Marianne Oakes (Dip Couns)

About Marianne

Marianne Oakes is a person-centred counsellor working as head of the psychological support team available via GenderGP, specialising in the care of gender questioning patients.

In her role, Marianne works with transgender and gender-questioning clients providing both one to one therapy, family and couples counselling.

Marianne came into this particular branch of therapy after struggling to find a counsellor with the right experience and qualifications to help her with her own journey as a transgender woman.

Over the years she has made many friends who also identify as transgender and in many cases their partners. Marianne has also witnessed her own family’s struggles coming to terms with her gender identity, an experience which has given her the unique insight she brings to her own practice.

Marianne has a particular affinity with trans identified adults, and works very closely with gender questioning children and their families, offering psychological support for the children themselves, and more ambitiously, setting up group therapy online for parents.
Marianne aims to create a non-judgmental space in which parents can talk openly about their own issues in relation to their child’s transition.


Jackie Swarbrick

Jackie is a person-centred counsellor who specialises in working with Trans gender, non-binary or gender-questioning people, and spouses, partners, parents and family members of those who have identified as having gender identity issues.  Jackie is in the somewhat unusual position of having significant personal experience of gender identity from various sources; her ex-spouse has transitioned, she has a dual gender child and her husband is bi-gender. This gives her a great deal of empathy and insight into the emotional turmoil and confusion gender variance can create for the individual and wider family from different perspectives. 

Jackie has a private practice in West Cornwall where she sees adults and young people one to one, and she also works via Skype thereby giving face to face access to those who cannot attend same room sessions for whatever reason.


Amy Walters

Amy Walters is a counsellor based in Chippenham Wiltshire. Counselling can help with many aspects of your life, whether you are feeling lost, confused and out of control, or maybe you are just searching for the meaning of life!
We can all need a bit of extra support every now and then, Amy is an empathetic counsellor who could help you gain back some control in your life.


Adam Curtis

Adam is a qualified person-centred counsellor who identifies as transgender. He offers you a warm and compassionate space in which to explore your relationship to gender. His belief that it really can help to talk, comes from his own positive experience of counselling during his transition. Adam combines his counselling work with his position as a full time fire fighter – giving him a rich source of experience of being trans in the wider world to draw upon.


Claire Booth

Claire is a person centered counsellor who strongly believes in the therapeutic relationship to enable individuals to become empowered to move forward with their lives. She has worked with a wide variety of issues, working in several charity settings as well as private practice.  Claire works via Skype and telephone so the individual can access counselling from their choice of environment.


Diana Hattersley

Diana is a Person Centred counsellor and believes that this emphatic, non-judgemental approach enables clients to move forward to a happier place in their lives. She has worked in a number of charitable settings and has her own private practice in Greater Manchester, where she supports individuals with many different presenting issues.  Additionally she uses the telephone and Skype, in order to support clients who are unable to travel or live further afield.


Tilly Storr

Tilly is a person-centred counsellor drawing from over 30 years experience, having a special interest in transgender work.  Whilst she works from her private practice in Cambridge, many of her clients use Skype or the phone, allowing her to offer help to clients nationwide or overseas.

Tilly started as a volunteer for Choices (working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse) and moved into private practice in 1986, combining counselling and supervision work with research. Her interests and energy have enabled her to develop professionally and personally as counsellor who stays abreast of current issues without losing her humanity and empathy for people, whoever they are.


Jayne Olden

Whether you are experiencing relationship issues, feeling anxious or depressed, want to change patterns of thoughts/behaviour or just need to talk to someone who won’t judge – Jayne can help. She has a wide experience in Couples Counselling, Bereavement and Gender Identity, amongst others.


Chris Ryan

Chris has the required experience and all-important passion needed to help all sorts of people from all walks of life along on their own journey. He works by Skype or telephone, allowing people from all over the country to contact him without having to travel for face to face sessions


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