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GenderGP Partners

Our Partner Pharmacy – Clear Chemist


Medication for our UK patients is dispensed directly from our UK-based partner, Clear Chemist. As well as having a chain of retail pharmacies, Clear Chemist also has an online pharmacy service (‪www.ClearChemist.co.uk‬) which allows patients to order the medication that is prescribed by the GenderGP medical team, directly from their website. 

Prescriptions for your medication are sent digitally and securely from the GenderGP Portal to Clear Chemist, from where you can create your own account to order your medication. This is then sent to the address of your choice, in discreet packaging. 

As well as providing access to medication, Clear Chemist also works with GenderGP to provide pharmacy expertise and advice on a wide range of healthcare matters. 

Clear Chemist is proud to be the first online pharmacy to be accredited by the LGBT foundation https://www.clearchemist.co.uk/lgbt-partner

Clear Chemist is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council of Great Britain and a member of the National Pharmacy Association as well as being licensed to dispense private prescriptions. 

Clear Chemist is registered with the MHRA to sell medicines online. 

All of this ensures that all medication is sourced from regulated suppliers.


Rishi Bhatia – Chief pharmacist, owner of the RB Healthcare Group


Rishi is the chief pharmacist, owner and Superintendent of the RB Healthcare Group, which comprises a number of retail pharmacies and the online arm of the business, Clear Chemist ‪www.clearchemist.co.uk‬. He is available for pharmacy queries relating to gender care and all aspects of pharmacy healthcare.

Rishi qualified with a first class honours in Pharmacy in 2000 and acquired his first pharmacy in 2005 in Cheshire. The store was an established family run pharmacy that had been in operation since 1961.  Having run the first pharmacy for a number of years, Rishi then set up the online dispensing arm of the business: www.clearchemist.co.uk


Our Partner Medical Laboratory – TDL


Blood testing is an important part of the process with GenderGP. It enables us to keep a regular check on your hormone levels, monitor your progress and adjust your medication to achieve the best results for you, all while keeping you healthy and well.

While many of our patients find that their doctor is willing to carry out blood testing under the guidance of GenderGP, others struggle to access help via their national health service. For these patients our partner laboratory can help.

The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) is a medically-led laboratory that was established in 1987. It is the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK.

Through TDL we can arrange for a blood testing kit to be sent to your home address and then blood can either be drawn by the finger-prick method, or you can use the kit to have the blood drawn at a local private service or mobile nursing service, whichever is easier for you.