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1. Portal update

  • We are currently working around the clock to answer your messages. 
  • We aim to have answered all emails within seven days of receiving them, but often much sooner.


We are currently working to a seven day response time with emails – and this is quickly coming down. However, because of the way our system works, if you send additional chasing emails it restarts the clock on your case – flagging your email as ‘new’ and slotting it into the queuing system. To avoid further delays, we politely ask you not to chase. This will enable us to get through all those emails that are currently awaiting a response – including yours.


To ensure you have the best possible experience we have some top tips:

Dos Don’ts
Do: Trust us, we are here, we have your back. Don’t: Send multiple emails to multiple GenderGP addresses. If you have sent an email to info@gendergp.com, or through the portal, we have received it and will get back to you in due course.
Do: Be patient. We are taking up to seven days to respond to emails. Don’t: Send different emails from different email addresses, this leads to confusion and adds to the delay.
Do: Email: help@gendergp.com if you haven’t yet received a link asking you to sign up to portal. Don’t: Send lots of chasing emails.
Do: Try to login again! In the first week or so we did have a glitch with some people logging onto the Portal. This has now been resolved. So please try again. Don’t: Forget we are working as hard as we can to get to your email. We haven’t suddenly stopped caring. We are just human and if you email in three times it can take us three times as long to get back to you.


2. Coronavirus

All of our services are operating normally. 

The remote nature of GenderGP means we are well placed to navigate any crisis and we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated in the event that circumstances escalate.

If you are feeling unwell, the current recommendation is to use the NHS 111 online checker for advice on what to do next 111.nhs.uk/covid-19 or call NHS 111 if you think you have symptoms or you might have been exposed to the virus.


3. Clear Chemist

Due to COVID-19 we are currently experiencing a high demand for products and deliveries are taking on average of 10 working days. If you need a new prescription, please make sure your bloods are up to date and your follow up session is complete, so that we can avoid any unnecessary delays.

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4. The Doctors Laboratory

All of our services are operating normally.

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5. Counselling

We currently have good availability with our counsellors. If you would like to book a session, please click on the following link: https://www.gendergp.com/therapy.


6. Recruitment

We had an amazing response to our call for new team members. We will be in touch with everyone who applied very soon :).

Message to existing users: Our email system has changed, if you don’t get a reply from an old thread then please send a new message using the contact form below.

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COVID-19 - Looking after you during lockdown. Access medical help, prescription medication, support, injection alternatives, blood testing kits - all from your home.


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