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Last updated: 08.06.22

Update 08.06.22 - Sweden and Finland, Service Update

We would like to provide an update regarding our provision of prescription and medication services to Swedish and Finnish patients.

The GenderGP team has been working night and day to try to ensure that all of our patients in Sweden and Finland are able to access our full range of care services, with the least possible disruption.

We are happy to say that we have made progress, although there is further progress still to make.

For our updated set of FAQs, explaining the matter in detail, please click here.


Patients in Sweden and Finland receiving feminising treatment.

Patients accessing feminising treatments in both Sweden and Finland are once more able to access all of our services without interference or disruption, both paper prescriptions and medication delivery.

Patients in Sweden and Finland receiving masculinising treatment.

We are able to provide more limited services to patients accessing masculinising treatments who are not able to access neighbouring countries.

In Finland, patients requiring masculinising medication CAN have a paper prescription filled, but remain at present unlikely to be able to receive delivery of their medication.

In Sweden, paper prescriptions are still unlikely to be accepted by local pharmacies, and it currently remains not possible to provide medication delivery into Sweden.

Please see below our summary table of available services, as of 03/06/2022:

*The Swedish Medical Products Agency has clarified that Swedish pharmacies cannot accept paper prescriptions for medications containing testosterone. However, we are able to send paper prescriptions to Sweden upon request for any patients that would like to take them to neighbouring countries for dispensing.


We will continue in our efforts to secure full access to our services for patients receiving masculinising treatment in Finland and Sweden. While we are pleased at the progress we have been able to make for our patients receiving feminising treatment, we will not stop pushing, and exploring alternative arrangements, for our patients requiring masculinising treatment.

The whole GenderGP team thanks you for your continuing support and patience through this challenging period, and we hope to bring further good news in the coming weeks.


Update 09.05.22 - Patients in Sweden and Finland

Update: 09.05.21 15.00 CEST

We have provided an updated FAQ for our Swedish and Finnish patients, outlining options for continuity of their care. Please go to https://www.gendergp.com/pharmacy-hub/#sweden-finland for more details.

Update 06.05.22 - Patients in Sweden and Finland

Update: 06.05.21 18.15 CEST

We wanted to affirm to our Swedish and Finnish patients that we have been working tirelessly this week to ensure that you can continue your gender-affirming care. We are compiling a number of thoughts, options, and solutions, and will update you on Monday. Have a good weekend.

Update 25.04.22 - GenderGP Founder Cleared of Wrongly Prescribing Gender-Affirming Care to Trans Youth

The founder of GenderGP, Dr. Helen Webberley, has finished the first stage of her Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service hearing following accusations of failing to provide good clinical care. The majority of allegations were found to be not proven. Click here to read more.

Update 10.08.21 - Your care will be unaffected by the outcome of Dr Helen Webberley’s MPTS hearing

We continue to receive a huge amount of support from the community for Dr Webberley and the work she has done to improve access to gender affirmative care. We have also received some questions. One question that has come up relates to whether access to care via GenderGP will be impacted if the tribunal rules against Dr Webberley. We want to reassure our service users that the future of GenderGP is unaffected by the outcome of the GMC hearing. 


What if the outcome is negative?

We categorically support Dr Webberley in this case, and hope for a fair trial that vindicates that amazing work she has done. We at GenderGP look forward to welcoming Dr Webberley back if her license to practice medicine is restored.

However, if the outcome is negative, and Dr Webberley is placed under sanctions or erased from the register, we want to reassure both our service users and the wider community that it will not be a ruling on transgender healthcare in general. This case relates to specific aspects of Dr Webberley’s medical practice, and does not have any bearing on the laws or NHS specifications or laws that govern trans healthcare.


Will GenderGP be impacted by the outcome of Dr Webberley’s hearing?

GenderGP will continue providing care regardless of the outcome of the hearing. As Dr Webberley ceased all medical provision in 2017, and GenderGP changed ownership in 2019, the future of GenderGP is unaffected by the outcome of the GMC hearing. This means that, whatever the outcome, we will continue to provide our services as usual.


If the outcome is positive, what will that mean for trans healthcare?

If it is deemed that doctors can provide this essential care without fear of action on their medical license it will be a tremendous step forward for trans healthcare in the UK and further afield.


What can I do to help? 

Please lend your voice by sharing a testimonial or sharing news about the hearing on social media! We’ve been blown away by the positivity and support coming from the community, and every little helps.


Who can I talk to about other concerns?

If you want more information about GenderGP or our services, you can reach us via Live Chat.


Where can I keep updated on the latest developments in the case?

If you want to follow the hearing in more detail, we’ll be releasing updates via our Twitter and our website.

Update 28.05.21 - Part 2

Following on from our recent update, we have more exciting news.


Voice Workshops with Jordan Jakomin

We offer regular workshops for anyone looking for a cost effective way to learn more about voice training.

Learn all about Jordan’s approach his podcast here.

Book on to a workshop here.

Click here to see more of our Voice Therapy Options


We offer more than talking therapy at GenderGP


Hypnotherapy Sessions with Joe Oakes

Registered Hypnotherapist, Joe Oakes, is now available to book for Hypnotherapy, a style of treatment that can help with the management of multiple issues, including anxiety and weight loss.

Read more about Joe and his connection to the trans community here.

Book a session with Joe Oakes here.

Click here to see our other available sessions


Not all queries are Quick

For anyone used to communicating with GenderGP, the term Quick Query will be familiar. We have been using these for the past year when we need to hear back from you. These are now being phased out in favour of our new communications tool, launched last week.

Now, when you submit a quick query via our Ask the Team section on our website, the reply will come directly to your email address. This will enable us to keep the conversation going until your query is fully resolved.

We are incredibly proud to support our patients worldwide and we will keep pushing the boundaries of telemedicine to ensure gender affirmative care is as accessible as possible to anyone who needs us.

Best wishes

The GenderGP Pathway Team

Update 14.05.21 - Exciting updates from GenderGP

At GenderGP, we never stop striving to deliver the best possible service to our community. This update provides an overview of some of the exciting changes that are coming your way. We will continue to keep you updated over the coming weeks and months to ensure you get the best out of our service, so make sure you check back in regularly.


Voice therapy with Lori Lynn

We now offer 121 Voice Therapy sessions with Speech and Language Therapist Lori Lynn. Read all about Lori’s approach in her blog post here.

Book a session with Lori Lynn here.


Our Wellbeing Team is expanding!

Psychotherapist, James Byrne, is now available for Information Gathering Sessions. In addition to this he is part of our core group of gender specialist counsellors who are available to support your wellbeing needs.

Read James’ expert insights here on:


Keeping the conversation going

We have been working hard on a better communications solution. Now, when you submit a query via our Ask the Team section on our website the reply will come directly to your email address. This will enable us to keep the conversation going until your query is fully resolved.

The GenderGP Team

Update 28.01.21 - GenderGP Prescriptions NOT impacted by new Brexit restrictions

We are pleased to announce that, as an international organisation based outside of the UK, GenderGP remains unaffected by prescribing restrictions being put in place post Brexit.

We understand that certain countries, including Denmark and Sweden, have had restrictions placed on their ability to process online prescriptions coming from countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) including the UK.

GenderGP works with doctors and pharmacists based in the EEA. This means that, unlike UK-based services which are now struggling to have their electronic prescriptions recognised abroad, our service users are not impacted.

This applies to all medication, not just gender-related treatment. GenderGP doctors and pharmacists are able to support with all your medication needs. If you are struggling to obtain any medication, including non gender-related medicines, we may be able to help.

Request your medication here and a member of the team will come back to you within two working days.

GenderGP continues to work closely with our partner pharmacies to ensure access to medication for our service users is never disrupted.

We remain 100% focused on ensuring any medication prescribed is safe, sustainable and appropriate for your health needs.

The GenderGP Team x

Update 22.12.20

We have received various questions from service users about the COVID-19 vaccine and how it may interact with other medications, specifically HRT.

As this is a brand new vaccine it is impossible to know about any risks of interactions with your HRT medication.

The doctor or nurse who will prescribe and administer the vaccine should advise you as to whether you need to stop taking your medication due to potential interactions. There may well be different advice depending on which vaccine you are offered. You must act on their advice. We are unable to give you any extra vaccine-specific advice other than that given by your vaccine provider.

If you are advised to stop your treatment within a specific time frame, you can swap from Testosterone injections to Testosterone gel, or from puberty blockers injections to nasal spray to help you do this more easily.

If you would like further information about swapping your medication please contact us via the Help Centre.

Update 21.12.20

We are updating our booking system.

To ensure any sessions conducted with our specialist team are as seamless as possible, we have reviewed the way that they take place.

Moving forward, all sessions will be carried out using Google’s own technology – ‘Google Meet’.

Meet offers ultra-secure video calling so all you have to do is:

  1. Choose and book your session.
  2. Receive a confirmation email with session details and your personal secure Meet link, just for that appointment.
  3. When the appointment time comes, just click on the link and talk in real-time with your specialist.

For those who have already booked a session, we will be issuing a new confirmation email over the coming days. Please look out for it and take note of the details. If you have any questions please get in touch via our Help Centre.

We look forward to helping you!

The GenderGP team x

Update 30.11.20

Helping you get your prescription medication safely and securely

Please see below for important information about your gender medication, as well as an easy solution for accessing repeat NHS prescriptions.

As you may be aware, last month, Clear Chemist was targeted by the UK media for its work supporting the transgender community. The attack resulted in Clear Chemist having to review its processes to ensure it could continue to dispense to GenderGP patients. During the review, which has now concluded, we have been working closely with Clear Chemist to ensure patients can continue to access to their medication and care.


Gender-Affirming Medication

Clear Chemist has proudly supported our patients for over five years, its commitment to the LGBT community has resulted in the achievement of two GOLD Pride in Practice awards and they also remain our most cost-effective option for patients paying for their medication via private prescription.

If you are 18 or over and live in the UK, and would like to receive your private gender-affirming medication via Clear Chemist then they are very happy to be your nominated pharmacy for this purpose.

Please note that while it is encouraged that patients involve their GP, we understand that this is not always the preferred route. For clarity, the requirement in selecting Clear Chemist as your preferred pharmacy is only that you consider informing your GP, rather than the notification of your GP being a prerequisite to using Clear Chemist as your pharmacy.


NHS Repeat Medication

If you live in England, and are on regular repeat prescriptions from your GP, there are now easy ways for you to order your repeat prescriptions with NHS electronic prescribing.

You can select Clear Chemist to be your nominated pharmacy and they will deliver your NHS prescription medication – everything, not just gender-affirming medication – to your home, free of charge, within a 48 hour delivery window.

Once you nominate Clear Chemist as your pharmacy:

  • You no longer need to collect paper prescriptions from your GP surgery.
  • You simply need to ask your surgery to arrange your repeat prescription,
  • They will then send it directly to Clear Chemist.
  • Your medication will then be sent to you in the post.
  • NHS prescriptions are delivered free of charge with a 48 hour postal service.

If you would like to use Clear Chemist for your dispensing needs then please complete the following form.

GenderGP remains 100% focused on ensuring any medication prescribed is appropriate, legal and safe.

From everyone at GenderGP

Update 12.11.20

We understand that some of the prescriptions that have been processed by GenderGP over the past two weeks have been subject to dispensing delays.

We have investigated the issue with our pharmacies and we can confirm that, while blocking medication continues to be impacted by delays at the manufacturing end, all other prescriptions have now been processed and issued. They should reach you in the next few days.

We are liaising closely with our pharmacy providers and will keep those affected informed of any developments.

Please contact the Help Centre if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Update 30.10.20

The regulator has now concluded its investigation into Clear Chemist. The findings are in line with what we already knew to be true and what we have communicated with our patients: Clear Chemist will be subject to tighter restrictions but is able to continue dispensing to those individuals undergoing treatment for gender dysphoria.


The regulator has issued a clear statement


We want to reassure everyone that we have not asked the pharmacy to stop supplying medicines to patients undergoing treatment for gender dysphoria.

We have directed the pharmacy to make improvements to make sure that people receive medicines that are safe and effective for them.

Our inspectors will continue to work with the superintendent pharmacist to make the improvements needed and to support continuity of care for the pharmacy’s patients.


GenderGP remains 100% focused on ensuring any medication prescribed is appropriate, legal and safe and we are working closely with a number of providers to ensure our patients have access to the care they need.

Update 26.10.20

We are currently responding to straightforward requests within 24 hours.

If your query is more complex in nature it may take longer for someone to get back to you. Rest assured that our dedicated team is on the case. All patient requests are reviewed and dealt with in the order that they are received, and they are given the time and attention they deserve. Please note that chasing for an answer on a submitted request will not result in your query being dealt with any quicker. All queries and requests can be submitted via our Help Centre.

We look forward to helping you.

Update 14.10.20

Our new pharmacy provision is in place and working well and we are in the process of finalising all existing prescription requests. If you require a prescription, and you haven’t already put in a request, you can do so via the Help Centre.

As highlighted in our previous communication, we have secured a range of options for dispensing your medication, the details of which can be found in full on our website. Please note that there is some variation in the prices. We have laid everything out so that you can make an informed decision on your preferred route.

Rest assured that we are, and always have been, 100% focused on ensuring any medication prescribed is appropriate, legal and safe, as are the pharmacies to which we signpost our patients.

At GenderGP our aim is to work with GPs where possible, to offer a safe, compassionate bridging service for patients, in accordance with Government guidance issued on the subject. Some GPs prescribe for their patients under our guidance while others are able to offer significant support in the form of arranging regular blood tests, both of these steps go a significant way to reducing your costs.

Unfortunately, it has been well-documented that due to a lack of education and visibility in the area of transgender healthcare, many doctors feel unable to provide care to this group of patients. Irresponsible media stories merely serve to heighten this concern. In cases where GPs are not supportive, GenderGP also offers a fully private service. If you would like to know more about how we work visit: https://www.gendergp.com/how-does-gendergp-work/. If you would like to sign up to our service, please click on the following link to complete the Appraisal Pathway.

We are currently responding to straightforward requests within 24 hours. If your query is more complex in nature it may take longer for someone to get back to you. Rest assured that our dedicated team is on the case. All patient requests are reviewed and dealt with in the order that they are received, and they are given the time and attention they deserve. Please note that chasing for an answer on a submitted request will not result in your query being dealt with any quicker. All queries and requests can be submitted via our Help Centre.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Update 10.10.20

In our communication sent yesterday evening, we explained that we have identified a number of pharmacy solutions which will provide additional support to all of our patients – of all ages – while Clear Chemist refines the process by which it will operate moving forward.

Today we would like to provide some further information to our patients in terms of next steps.


Paper prescriptions

Anyone who has requested and paid for a paper prescription will be sent a message asking whether they would like it to be sent to their home address or to our new pharmacy.

If you would like us to send it to our new pharmacy, we will send you a payment request for the cost of the medication which will then be sent to you directly in the post from the pharmacy.


Online prescriptions

If you have requested an online pharmacy, we will contact you separately with your options. As discussed, we are in active conversation with Clear Chemist and other pharmacies about the easiest way to use their dispensing services. However, while we wait for Clear Chemist instructions, we have an alternative provider in place.

We will keep your pharmacy options up to date here.

If you haven’t yet put in a prescription request and need one, you can do so in the normal way via the website Help Centre.


Next Steps

Going forward there are some things you can do which will help us to help you.

If you have fallen behind with your blood tests, please can you arrange these as a priority. This link will provide you with information about your options.

Additionally, if you have not had a Follow Up Session in the last six months, please arrange this with one of our gender specialists here.

For those of you who are under 18 and supported, please can we ask that an adult join your session for the first few minutes, this will help us to tick the box to show you have support in place. If you are not in the fortunate position of having someone to support you, please do not worry, we will still find a way to get you the care you need.

These steps will go a long way to demonstrating to those scrutinising your care that your health is our number one priority.


The Future

GenderGP continues to fight for the rights of trans people to access timely, affordable, compassionate healthcare across the world, while you wait for your national healthcare provider and other private providers to do the same.

You will no doubt have questions and we will keep you informed over the coming days. For now, please keep an eye out for our email updates. Any questions should be directed to our Help Centre.

Rest assured that we are, as ever, 100% focused on ensuring your medication is appropriate, legal and safe.

Update 09.10.20 - BREAKING NEWS!


At the end of what has been a week full of uncertainty for our service users, we are absolutely delighted to be able to deliver some good news.

GenderGP has identified a number of pharmacy solutions which will provide additional support to all of our service users – of all ages – while Clear Chemist hones the process by which it will operate moving forward.

We would like to thank the GenderGP community for its support and patience during these challenging few days.

We will be in contact over the weekend with the finer details, please wait to hear from us.

Love GenderGP x

Update 08.10.20 - Statement issued by GenderGP regarding the provision of care to our service users

Following recent media activity which has negatively impacted the provision of care to transgender individuals, we have been working around the clock to secure the continuity of care to all GenderGP patients. We have negotiated at length with Clear Chemist who are working tirelessly to ensure the trans community is able to receive much needed medication within the scope of what is permitted by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

In line with this, Clear Chemist has clarified that it is still able to dispense medication to all patients as long as we satisfy exact and clear requirements. We have been reassured that Clear Chemist is doing all it can to put the necessary steps in place so that the under 18s can also continue to be supported, though this will take some time.

In the meantime GenderGP is in the process of negotiating with a number of pharmacies on how best to secure the continuity of care to all patients. This is an evolving situation and we will continue to keep our service users updated.

Clear Chemist is only one option available to our service users, you can access information about all of the options open to you in terms of how to access your medication.

We know how scared parents and young people must be feeling right now. Rest assured that we are working on alternative solutions for you. In the meantime, you can request a private paper prescription. This can be used in any online or high street pharmacy that has a pharmacist who understands the importance of this medication for you and your teenager.

Read some of the most frequently asked questions.

Update 13.07.20 - Improving response times

In line with our commitment to continuous improvement, we are delighted to announce that our response times are currently at 24 hours for all straightforward repeat prescription requests and queries.

This improved turnaround is the result of our new way of working which funnels all queries and requests via our user friendly Help Centre.

By using the Help Centre to direct your needs, you enable us to collect the information we need, safely, securely and all in one go. Whether you want to ask a question, request a prescription, give us your blood test results or ask us to write to your GP, our Help Centre will direct you. There are also additional services and options to help you, and those close to you.

Please note, our core team works from 0800-1800 Monday to Friday with a reduced service operating at weekends.

We will continue to keep you updated here, so please check back on a regular basis. If you have anything you want us to add as an option on the Help Centre, please let us know.

The GenderGP Team

Update 10.07.20 - Phasing out of Unique ID numbers

To ensure the utmost confidentiality and security of all patient information, please note that GenderGP will no longer be using unique ID numbers to identify patients. Instead, patients will be identified by a single email address.

In order to minimise confusion and ensure your query can be dealt with as quickly and thoroughly as possible, we ask that each patient use the same email address for all communication. We will only be able to provide clinical information associated with that email address.

Please note that if a loved one contacts the service on behalf of a patient, we will only be able to provide information relating to the email address with which they have contacted the service. This ensures patient information is kept safe and details are only given out either to the service user or in the full knowledge of the service user.

Thank you for your support in enabling us to continue to provide the best level of service to our community.

The GenderGP Team

Update 25.06.20 - Developing our service to better suit your needs

At GenderGP we are always refining and developing our service to better suit your needs. As we grow, and the number of people we support increases, new functionality is being introduced, to ensure we keep our response times as low as possible.

Most recently, our focus has been on developing the Help Centre on our website, which was firmly established last week. This has resulted in a significant improvement in our response times, which are currently at 48 hours for all repeat prescription requests.

As some people’s needs are more complex than others, some cases will require longer assessment and processing times. However, we aim to answer your queries and straightforward requests within 48 hours.

For new patients joining our service, once you have completed the Appraisal Pathway Application and had your Information Gathering Session (IGS), we hope to have an initial medical decision within a week.

The functionality introduced via our new Help Centre enables us to focus on your queries in order of priority, as well as providing the ability to gather all the information we need in one go. If you haven’t already submitted your query via the new Help Centre, you can do so here. We will continue to refine the Help Centre over the coming weeks.

Our core team works from 0800-1800 Monday to Friday with a reduced service operating at weekends.

The next exciting phase will be the integration of our Help Centre with the GenderGP Portal, while this work is underway please note that access to Portal will be limited.

We will continue to keep you updated here, so please check back on a regular basis.

Update 12.06.20 - Integrating the Help Centre with Portal

Integrating the Help Centre with Portal

By now, many of you will have tried out our new Help Centre which we are refining and perfecting on a daily basis. The new system has been introduced to solve the challenges that some of you have faced and we are confident that, once the teething problems have been ironed out, it will transform your experience with us. The next exciting phase will be to incorporate the Help Centre with our GenderGP Portal so that all your functionality is on one place. For those of you who do not yet have an account in Portal, instructions will be heading your way. Watch this space.

Update 29.05.20 - Growth and expansion

Since 2015 we have grown from one doctor, one PA and one patient, into a powerful and much-loved organisation helping trans people from all over the world.

Our philosophy is to support everyone, whatever their age, background, gender and whatever the state of their mental health.

Read more

Update 15.04.20 - The impact of COVID-19

Dear GenderGP Community Members,

We know that you have not experienced the response levels you have come to expect from GenderGP over recent weeks. This is the result of a number of factors coming together at the same time. While we are working hard to ensure our service levels return to normal as quickly as possible, we wanted to take this opportunity to provide a bit of context…

Read more

Update 22.03.20 - A message from Dr. Helen Webberley

I know that these are worrying times, so I wanted to send a message of support to those of you who may be concerned about Coronavirus, to reassure you about GenderGP’s services and importantly, your medication supply.

The remote nature of GenderGP is such that it is well placed to deal with a crisis such as this. GenderGP’s suppliers have measures in place and they are confident that services are able to continue, to support our community and anyone who needs us, throughout the coming months…

Read more

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We are currently working to a 48 hour turnaround for straightforward queries and repeat prescription requests for our members. More complex cases may take longer. For new patients, we aim to have your case reviewed and approved by our Multidisciplinary Team within two weeks of receiving your Information Gathering Session report.

Please note: It helps if you are clear on how you intend to get your prescription fulfilled, and how you will get your blood tests done.



If you have a question about the services we provide or our new Help Centre, please visit our updated FAQs page where you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.