Accessing Gender-Affirming Care


Welcome to GenderGP, we aim to provide trans and non-binary people with support and care and recommendations to help them live their best lives, especially when considering medical transiton – either with puberty blockers or hormones.

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Trans people have increased in visibility over the last ten years and as options for switching off someone’s natural hormone production and switching to the hormone profile that more closely matches someone’s gender identy have grown. Our mission is for all trans and non-binary people of all ages have access to safe, evidence-based recommendations for gender-affirming care.

How it works

We collect data about your health, your preferences and your transition goals, and then interpret this in line with clinical guidelines and best practice to make recommendations about the medication that would best suit your transition. You can then give these recommendations to your doctor to help them in their decision-making, or we can refer you to an independent prescriber to prescribe the prescription that you need.

Puberty Blockers

Puberty blockers are a fully reversible medication that stops your own natural sex hormone production, either giving you space and time to think, or when taken with gender-affirming hormones, allowing them to have their greatest benefits for your transition.

Gender-Affirming Hormones

If you wish to better align your body with your gender identity, then you can be prewscribed estrogen to achieve feminisation, or testosterone to achieve masculinisation or a mixture of both to achieve a more androgynous appearance.


While puberty blockers are the best way to switch off your natural sex hormone production, they can be more expensive. There are other drugs such as spironolactone, cyproterone and finasteride which can reduce the production or the effects of testosterone, either during puberty or as an adult.

Information Gathering Session

Everyone who enrols will have an Information Gathering Session which evaluates the criteria for gender-affirming treatment and your capacity to give informed consent – you can read more about them HERE

If you haven’t yet booked yours, you can do so HERE.


If you would like to have any counselling to accomany your on your journey then you can book that HERE. It is not essential, but can be very helpful for you or even for those who support you.


You would only need to start gender-affirming hormones or blockers once puberty has started. You can read more about that HERE. If you are not sure whether or not puberty has already started then please book HERE to talk to someone.


Hormones and blockers can have an impact on fertility that may be long-lasting. You can read more about your options HERE. If you would like a referral for fertility preservation before you start treatment, we can supply that for you if you choose that option in the form..

Blood Tests

If you are hoping to start taking spironolactone as a testosterone blocker, you will need to have a potassium level blood test and a blood pressure test taken within the last six months.

If you are hoping to take cyproterone as a testosterone blocker you will need to have a liver blood test taken within the last six months.

If you haven’t got any blood test results either choose a simpler option for now or wait to complete this form when you have blood tests.

You can arrange blood tests HERE if needed.

We can only give you recommendations to change or increase your medication if you have recent blood tests. Please read HERE about the importance of timing your blood tests.

If you wish to have recommendations without up to date blood tests then you will be recommended a standard dose to keep you going until you are able to get your blood tests done. You can read more about that  HERE.

If you feel your blood test results are inaccurate because of contamination or any other reason, please arrange to have them repeated so we can give you an accurate recommendation.

Average Pharmacy Pricing

Medication / Starting Dose 3 Months Supply
Estradiol gel / 2.25mg (3 pumps daily) £88
Estradiol tablets / 2mg daily £26
Estradiol patches / 100mcg twice weekly £72
Testosterone gel / 40.5mg daily £135
Sustanon / 125mg 3 weekly £33
Finasteride / 5mg daily £27
Spironolactone / 50mg daily £28
Cyproterone / 12.5mg daily £63
GnRHa nasal spray / 200mcg twice daily £84
GnRHa injection / 11.25mg every 12 weeks £265

More about medication

​Hormones: Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosteron

Antiandrogens / Blockers: Finasteride, Spironolactone, Cyproterone, GnRHa Nasal Spray

Puberty Blockers:  Spironolactone, GnRHa blockers

​Please note – if you choose more than one antiandrogen then we will recommend the one that is most suitable for you.

Informed Consent

To give us consent for you to take any medications, you must confirm you understand what the medication does and what the effects are – both the effects you want and those that may be unwanted.

If you want a quick chat with someone knowledgeable to talk through things, then book HERE.

If you would like to discuss your treatment with anyone then please make an appointment HERE.


If your doctor has agreed to prescribe for you we can send a Treatment Recommendation which advises them what the recommended medication would be and what blood tests you need and when.

If your doctor cannot help you then we can refer you to an independent prescriber who is experienced in gender-affirming care. The referral fee is £15.


Here are the following fees that you will need to pay.

  • Everyone pays a single £195 set-up fee to cover the enrolment costs.
  • If you would like to be referred to an independent prescriber, then the fee is £15 which includes the cost of an electronically signed prescription.
  • If you would rather have your prescription sent to you on a physical pieve of paper then the handling charge is £20.
  • All of our members subscribe to our service for £30 every 28 days.