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At GenderGP we actively campaign for better access to trans healthcare for people worldwide because trans rights are human rights. We fundamentally believe that private healthcare should be a choice not the only choice. This is why we dedicate considerable time and effort into campaigning for meaningful change. We do this via letter writing, awareness campaigns, social media activity, lobbying, petition work, mythbusting and generally calling out those responsible for supporting trans people when they fail to deliver.


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It is no secret that trans healthcare has become overly politicised and nowhere is this more true than in the case of trans youth. The media seeks to sensationalise the subject and perpetuate myths that lead to misinformation. This becomes part of the narrative that is actively preventing trans youth from accessing care that has been proven to improve their mental health and well-being.

We are fighting to correct these myths and to educate healthcare professionals so that they feel armed with all of the facts that will enable them to provide much needed care for this patient population. You can visit our Medical Hub and Pharmacy Hub to find out more. We have also set up a Fund to support those who are struggling to access private care. You can find out more here.

Note: The GenderGP Fund has been temporarily paused as we review additional methods to better serve the transgender and non-binary community.

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True change is a hard won battle, but we believe this is a cause worth fighting for.