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Here are examples of some of the letters we have written, and the responses we have received.


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Trans youth need reassurance that access to medication will not be disrupted

We call on you to provide reassurance to trans youth that their access to medication will not be disrupted. Thank you for your prompt response and for explaining your regulatory processes in such detail. While we hear your message that you are not…

Pharmacies need regulator backing to support trans patients

Pharmacies need the support of the GPhC in providing services to transgender patients. I am writing to you in my capacity as Chief Operating Officer of GenderGP, following your recent targeted inspections of two pharmacies working with our organisation.

Dear Ireland…an open letter from a transgender friend

It took me 37 years to accept that I am transgender, and that is not due to a lack of exposure to the topic. It is due to internalised transphobia, fear and confusion. Unmanaged depression through most of my early adult life kept me distracted and anxious and…

Dear Dr Palmer

Dear Dr Palmer, We write to you as you are the Medical Director for NHS Specialised Services. You will no doubt have seen the panic and distress caused by the recent determination against The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust. The Gender Identity Development Service…

trans kids march with banner
An Open Letter to Doctors in South Dakota

We are absolutely delighted to be able to report that HB1057 in South Dakota, a bill which sought to ban professionals from providing medical care to trans youth, has been killed. The bill would have made providing certain forms of gender affirming medical care, including…

Open Letter to Matt Hancock

Dear Mr Hancock, The UK is falling behind in its care for transgender people. Transphobic attitudes in senior officials with influence are adding to the risk of harm. I am writing to you in my role as advocate for transgender people, in response to accusations made…

GPs need clear guidance: BMJ – Letter to editor

Last week (22.01.20) an article was published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) about the challenges faced by doctors in primary care when asked to treat a patient with gender dysphoria. Dr Helen Webberley drafted the following response…

trans kids march with banner
Campaign For Better Transgender Healthcare: Sign Our Letter

Transgender Healthcare Services In the UK are Broken – URGENT Improvements Are Needed. Today GenderGP are launching our campaign calling for better transgender healthcare in the UK. We are asking everyone to sign our letter to be delivered to key politicians…