You are probably wondering: “Am I trans enough for GenderGP’s assessment, quiz, or even gender dysphoria (RLE) tests?”. You may even be wondering: “How do I start transitioning?”. If you’ve ever been told ‘You’re not trans enough by a healthcare or wellbeing professional, you’re not alone.

‘Gatekeeping’ in healthcare is unsurprisingly common. Understandably, a surprising number of our patients from many countries worldwide are all too familiar with that familiar phrase. ‘You are not trans enough’, whether from their family physician, general practitioner, wellbeing or mental health specialist.

Nevertheless, here at GenderGP, you will never hear us utter those words. Specifically, we want to make gender dysphoria tests a part of history. However, we have an assessment process to create an individualised healthcare plan designed uniquely for you. It all comes down to one indisputable fact.


Yes, You Are Trans Enough! 

We are here to help you transition into the body and life you were meant to have.  

“Every patient is an expert in their chosen field, namely themselves and their own life.”

– Emma Hill, Editor, The Lancet


As a healthcare provider, we are passionate about helping you find the best way forward in your gender transition. — to whatever degree is suitable for you – in a safe and accessible way.

You might have a crystal clear idea of your transition goals. Next up, you might know what you need and want when it comes to gender-affirming healthcare. or you might need some guidance to understand what is possible and suitable for you. Wherever you’re at in your life – or your healthcare journey – we would love to help you feel confident and in control of your body and your life.

What you will never need to do here at GenderGP is to pass any “test”. We’ll never act as the gatekeepers of your gender identity. GenderGP won’t ask you for questions, or even do an “am I trans quiz”

You are trans enough, wherever you’re at in your journey.

We do not believe in compulsory counselling or psychotherapy before starting gender-affirming healthcare. In addition, we believe that therapy is a beneficial tool for managing thoughts and feelings around gender, sexuality, and more. GenderGP does not believe in putting you through lengthy assessments to validate your gender.

You are the expert in your gender.


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How Do GenderGP’s Assessments Work?

Hint: It’s not a Gender Dysphoria test

There are no ‘transgender tests’ or ‘gender identity tests’. You do not have to prove anything to GenderGP. Furthermore, we don’t require a ‘real-life test‘ (RLT). With that said, we gather information from you during what we call an Information Gathering Session. Afterwards, we put your case forward to the medical team for medical help.

This session is a chance for you to share your thoughts, feelings, healthcare goals and transition goals. Here, you can talk to one of our gender specialists and find out about the options open to you.

It is the first step in the process to ensure we can deliver you with individualised transgender healthcare designed uniquely for you. It is free from any ‘transgender gatekeeping’ or ‘healthcare gatekeeping’. Here, we have no “am i trans quiz”.


The Information Gathering Session: I Am Trans Enough! 

The Information Gathering Session is not a formal counselling session but carried out by a gender specialist who is highly trained in listening and understanding. There will be no gender dysphoria test. They are the best people to get to know you so that we can understand your goals and dreams.

Once you’ve booked an Information Gathering Session — or it has been recommended that you do — you will be sent information beforehand. You do not need to prepare anything, but some people like to gather their thoughts before the session. Here is how.


How To Prepare For Assessment and Start Transitioning

You Don’t Need a Gender Dysphoria Test

If you’re like us and love to nerd out on preparing for a session, here are the kind of topics you can brainstorm. Be sure to make notes prior to your scheduled virtual (online) appointment. We don’t do an “am I trans quiz”.

Again, this isn’t something you have to do. But if you’d like to, and it would make you feel more confident going into the session, why not?

  • Your Background
  • Your Support Network
    • Current support networks such as family, friends, partners, support groups, etc.
  • Your Gender Presentation
  • Your Physical Health
  • Your Mental and Emotional Wellbeing
  • Your Fertility Goals And Considerations
    • Consideration of potential impacts that gender-affirming treatment may have on your fertility
  • Your Expectations In General

During GenderGP’s gender clinic’s assessment, you will be able to ask questions and raise any concerns you have. The open and honest you are during this session, the greater the likelihood you will receive the most individualised healthcare designed uniquely for you. We’d like to remind you, we’re never conducting a gender dysphoria test.


What Happens Next?
How do I start Transitioning? Do I need a quiz to prove I’m trans?

After your session, a report is created and sent to our medical team who are responsible for ensuring that transition is right for you from both a psychological and medical perspective. They’ll show you how to know if you’re trans and more. While this is happening in the background, you’ll be connected with one of our New Patient Team Advisors who will keep you informed about the next steps and timelines, and answer your questions.

Again, this is not a “pass” or “fail” test. You can always say “I am trans” at GenderGP.

Furthermore, we do not believe in the notion of being trans enoughfor gender-affirming healthcare. Our job is to keep you safe and on track with your healthcare and transition goals. The report enables our medical team to recommend the best-individualised healthcare plan designed uniquely for you. We also provide guidelines for MtF and FtM transgender people on how to start transitioning.


You Don’t Need a Gender Dysphoria Test with GenderGP:

Here, we help with providing Hormone Therapy (HRT), some form of counselling (therapy) or support, surgical referral, a consultation with a Doctor, voice therapy, one-off support sessions, or even talking through your case in more detail with another member of our team. We leave no stone unturned in creating an individualised healthcare plan uniquely for you.

Finally, it takes a week or two for us to get set up. Sometimes, it may take longer to receive your individualised healthcare plan. Conclusively, Extraordinary care is taken in creating your healthcare plan. In turn, because our goal is to help you transition into the body & life you were meant to be in in the first place.


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