We will revolutionise trans healthcare, one person at a time.

2020 may have been a challenging year for many, but we move into 2021 with the tools and ethos to continue our work, striving for excellence and equality for trans people.

  • We know that trans people exist and they need our support.
  • We know that despite there being those who seek to deny trans people, the voices of those who stand with the trans community are getting louder every day.
  • We know that trans visibility is greater than ever and more and more people are willing to stand up for the rights of people to live an authentic life.
  • We know that we will not abandon trans youth.

This year GenderGP has proudly stood by every single person who has contacted us, and we have extended our reach and advocacy in many ways. Through our posts, podcasts and social channels we have engaged, supported, laughed and cried.

This year we cemented our position as both a leading provider of transgender healthcare and as a committed advocate, dedicated to campaigning for improvements in trans healthcare.

In 2021, as well as continuing to provide outstanding levels of trans healthcare and challenging outdated approaches, we will double our efforts in educating other healthcare professionals. We will demonstrate how care can be provided to this cohort in a primary care setting, along with the evidence that informs that approach.

We will empower trans people to get the care they need and show them that they have every right to maximise their potential in this world. We will stand by those who support trans people to help them in any way we can.