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Below is information about the active advocacy work undergoing by GenderGP


Working together we can make change

At GenderGP we believe there’s an easier way for gender variant people to access the care they need. We believe in putting control back into the hands of the service user.
A large part of that comes from empowering GPs to feel confident enough to treat more straightforward cases, rather than feeling that the only option is a referral to specialist centres which are overwhelmed and no longer fit for purpose.
Conservative estimates suggest that around 1% of the population is gender variant, a figure which contradicts the notion of gender variant patients being particularly ‘specialist’ in nature.
Behind the scenes we are campaigning for change. Here are some examples of some of the letters we have written, and the responses we have received.
If you have a cause that you feel warrants our help then please let us know.

Click on the icon to take you to the correspondence that we have had with organisations to try and improve healthcare.

Re the Service Specification ‘NHS England E13/S(HSS)/e’ which is extremely misleading to professionals, patients and the public.


Concerns that doctors are being advised against what is expected of them as a UK registered GP and that it is they who are responsible for their own professional skills, knowledge and practice. Even more so when we consider that these patients may be at higher than average risk of suicide and self-harm with the welfare and lives of children and vulnerable adults at stake.

A letter to the Government Equalities Office about the transphobia and lack of professional duty shown by the General Medical Council  following on from the Transgender Equality Inquiry, the findings of which were published in 2016.

A letter to express our very grave concerns regarding the current healthcare provision afforded to young transgender people in the UK. We believe that the current situation is causing untold harm and, in some cases, even death and poses a significant risk to the NHS in the future, in terms of litigation and requests for compensation.

Fighting for fairer research to help prevent personal views and cherry-picking hampering the care of transgender youth.

Requests to meet with the GMC to discuss the safety of trans patients in the UK repeatedly refused.

In The Media

GenderGP we champion better access to healthcare for all.

We get regular coverage in the international, national and community press. Our aim is to raise the profile and issues through all media outlets. Through these platforms, we will raise awareness and understanding for the Transgender community.

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TV News & Radio

GP & Gender Specialist – Dr Helen Webberley is a GP with a special interest in gender care and sexual health.

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GenderGP Blog

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