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While not all trans and non-binary people medically transition, for those who do it can be a time of both joy and anxiety. Many patients who undergo hormone therapy have concerns about how it will affect them.

That’s why our number one priority at GenderGP is patient safety. Gender-affirming care, including hormone replacement therapies (HRT), has been proven to be safe over decades of successful practice.

At GenderGP we know that every patient’s body and hormone profile is different, and that individualised care provides the best, safest results. Our medical team tailors our treatment pathways to each person’s wants and needs.


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Of course, we also understand that patient choice is vital. Many individuals prefer to use NHS services for some or all of their gender-affirming care, and we fully respect these choices. Many of our own patients use GenderGP as a bridging service while they wait to be seen by a GIC.

However, there is no disparity between our services and the NHS in terms of quality or safety. Our medications are prescribed in line with international standards of best practice, like the WPATH Standards of Care, and our doctors are handpicked from around the world for their commitment to affirmative healthcare.

In fact, we provide blood tests more frequently and with more specificity than UK GICs, whether they’re carried out by a local NHS service or one of our dedicated pathology labs. This is especially true for patients who may require additional monitoring, including:

  • transmasculine people on testosterone therapy
  • those on certain medications, like spironolactone
  • people with pre-existing conditions that require special care

Whatever your journey, we’re ready to find the best way to support you.

We reached out to Marianne, a GIC patient, for comment: My GP never asks or expects me to have a blood test. The GIC sent a letter at the start of treatment and my GP neither has the time or the inclination to be bothered. In three years I have had five blood tests, all at my request, and the result has never been discussed in depth. GenderGP patients are advised every three months and reminders are sent, and they are overwhelmingly up to date with their blood tests.

We provide safe, timely access to gender-affirming care, without the waiting lists. There’s no right or wrong way to transition – the important thing is finding what’s right for you, and doing it safely. Whether you’re ready to start treatment or you still have questions that need answering, GenderGP is here to support you.


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If you have any questions or concerns about our services, you can always get in touch via our website. Alternatively, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.