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Born is a makeup and styling studio specialising in trans beauty and feminisation, confidence and self-esteem. Everyone is welcome, trans, cis or gender fluid. Along with all things makeup and beauty we also offer voice therapy to help you find your own voice and can find you that perfect outfit to suit your shape. All our team are trans or trans allies with an excellent track record in this field so you will feel completely at home and comfortable. The team have years of experience and have been carefully vetted so you can be assured of the very best service and techniques.

We like to think of Born as modern, fresh and friendly organisation. The team are familiar with the most up-to-date looks so you will always feel your best. Be it an everyday look or perhaps something more daring for a special occasion. You may also find our mentoring service of interest, perfect for if you need a like-minded friend. We are here to help, support, talk and share our stories.

About Paul Heaton:

Paul Heaton. Lead Makeup Artist and MD

Paul is Born’s Managing Director and the feminisation specialist makeup artist. Paul looks after Born’s marketing and business strategy and has over 20 years’ experience in design and marketing communications.

Combining his skills as a communications professional with his business experience managing marketing campaigns and creative teams, Paul co-ordinates how we reach out to people and engage with them.

Paul’s visual talents extend to being a makeup artist specialising in feminisation. He honed these skills under the tutelage of a well known trans feminisation makeup artist. Paul organises Born’s various events and sometimes gives free makeup tasters at the events.

Paul’s established career as an award-winning designer has included working as a team leader for the notable design agency Chase Creative Consultants before setting up his own successful design agency, Reform Creative With a wide range of clients including the Arts Council, the BBC, Cooperative Bank, the Royal Exchange Theatre and the Welcome Foundation, Paul’s experience in design and marketing communications makes him ideally suited to look after Born’s public face.

Devising strategic marketing solutions for Born’s business objectives, Paul is fully committed to our mission to improve the lives of trans and non-binary people by offering them practical help and advice, and working to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

As a Transwoman, who has been to several dressing services in London, I have to say I have found a friend and a fantastic trans supporter in Paul at Born. What a wonderful organisation Paul has created. Everything a girl could want in one place. I contacted Paul and he took care of my hair, my brows, my ear piercing, my nails and most of all performed a fantastic makeover on me. He is flexible on location and makes you feel at ease, makes you feel like your true self and makes you look like you hope in your dreams. I enjoyed our chat, and as I said I made a friend who I know will look after me going forward. I immediately signed up for a makeup lesson, but I don’t think this will mean I no longer use Paul’s services, after all a girl wants to dazzle some times! 

Amber Edwards, 2017

I was very nervous before I went to Born. I was wondering what I would look like and if it would made a difference to how I view myself.  I’ve always felt ugly and I’ve never liked myself, the only times in my life when started to change was with my transition. So when I looked at myself after Born made me over I just couldn’t believe it and that suddenly flood of emotion.  It just made the day so wonderful especially after getting to yourself late.  It didn’t stop there either, I shown my friends on facebook and everyone was saying how wonderful I was looking, my mums best friend even said how much I reminder her of my mum. I certainly think Born lives up to the name, about confidence building.  All of this and it was the first time I came, so yes I certainly at some point will come back. 

Shannon Elizabeth Maher, 2017

I met Paul with nervous anticipation, that went as soon as he opened the door and I was led down the garden path to his studio, what a beautiful location. Paul very quickly discussed what I was looking for and started his craftsmanship explained what he was doing and why with the makeup he was so exacting, nothing was too much trouble. I was left to get dressed in my first of many changes. Paul advised with some of the clothes that would photograph well.
It was a beautiful day so relaxing I wore some of my new dresses that was fun to see them in print. Paul is not only a gifted make up artist but a gifted photographer and his photos of him dressed as a beautiful girl.

Thank you for a perfect day.

Rosy, 2017