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Trans Love Stories – Marianne Oakes

At the start of April I shared my love story with my followers on Twitter. I came out to my wife, aged 19. Last December we celebrated 36 years of Marriage. I invited members of the twittersphere to share their own trans love stories and I was overwhelmed by the response. This IDaHoBIT 2020 I want to break the silence and counter any negativity to share with you the true-life examples of happy couples in love, where one of them just happens to be trans…



Being trans does not stop us from finding love. It may throw in an additional layer of complexity but that should not prevent people from taking a risk – after all, who can say that their own love story is 100% risk free?

Love can be painful and it can be cruel but it can also be wonderful, giving us hope and showing us that we can be accepted and appreciated for who we are.

A huge thank you to all those who were generous enough to share their stories – they offer irrefutable proof that trans love is not only possible but it is just as real and valid as any other love.


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