In early November, GenderGP put contingency plans in place to secure the continuity of medical supplies to our service users. With uncertainty mounting around whether we will leave the EU with a deal or not, we reached out to our partner pharmacies to get the latest update on the situation.

The pandemic provided an unexpected opportunity to stress test all of the contingency plans which had been put in place in preparation for Brexit. The medicine supply chain proved itself robust enough to withstand the major challenges presented and our pharmacy partners remain confident that this trial run enabled them to identify and plan for any challenges which may arise in the coming weeks and months.

If we leave with a deal, we should see little change. If on the other hand, it’s a no deal Brexit, we may experience some delays as more paperwork will be required for customs. We may also see an increase in postage costs but other than that, supplies should not be overly impacted.

Our Ireland-based pharmacies have sufficient stocks of medicine through all parts of the supply chain, to cover for a three-month deficit, should it be needed. Their network is made up of both Irish suppliers and suppliers based in the EU, to enable them to fill any voids potentially left by UK based suppliers.

Because GenderGP doctors are based outside of the UK and prescriptions are sent electronically, we do not anticipate any other unforeseen delays. Our pharmacies are all operating according to a business as usual model.

In the event of an individual brand or product being difficult to source, our pharmacies will work with the doctors and GenderGP to identify and source appropriate substitutes without having to compromise on treatment.

GenderGP is working hard to ensure your access to medication is not disrupted. We will continue to keep you updated as and when we have further clarity on the situation.

The GenderGP Team