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Following reports that the adolescent gender service in Ireland has been closed, leaving trans youth with no access to care, GenderGP would like to reiterate that as a global telehealth organisation, we are able to support trans individuals of all ages, wherever they are in the world.

The aftermath of the Tavistock v Bell ruling has had wide-reaching consequences which have now impacted trans youth in Ireland. Young trans patients in the UK have been informed that their medication will be ‘safely’ withdrawn if they don’t have the backing of a court order. In Ireland care for trans youth has been removed altogether, with the Tavistock withdrawing its provision of care in January. This has left many people – who had already been on a waiting list for two years – without access to ANY medical care.

This has understandably left many young people and their families in a state of extreme distress. It is no secret that healthcare for trans people in the UK and Ireland has been unable to keep up with demand for some time, with trans youth being the worst affected. GenderGP was set up precisely to provide urgent care to this group, while they wait for public provision of gender healthcare to catch up.

GenderGP would like to remind those who are simply, in the words of Teni CEO Éirénne Carroll, unable to “wait for a service that does not currently exist”, that our service is available and our team is standing by to help.

  • All of our assessments are carried out remotely so there is no need to travel
  • We have no waiting lists
  • We help all ages and all genders
  • We help trans youth and their families
  • Nasal spray blockers are available for those who do not want injections
  • We can bridge the gap while waiting for NHS services and court orders
  • We practice affirmative care, which means we start from a place of belief and support
  • We do not advocate gatekeeping

While we try to make private care affordable we know that it is simply not an option for some. In response, in late 2020, GenderGP launched its Fund, a fundraising initiative to enable those who support trans healthcare to subsidise the treatment of those who cannot afford it. GenderGP is a privately funded service, it receives no public funding whatsoever. 100% of all funds raised will be donated to those who need it.

If you think you might be eligible please visit The GenderGP Fund page for more information. If you would like to donate you can do so here.

While Ireland awaits clarification on plans to ensure young people and their families can immediately access the care they need, our team is standing by to help.


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