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We support Dr. Hilary Cass in her work in reviewing the care that is provided by the NHS to young trans people in the UK. We have given evidence and we have offered to assist with her research.

The NHS has been failing trans people of all ages for many years, and GenderGP is caring for 6000 people to date who have failed to get the help they need from their public health services.

There is ample evidence that the availability of gender-affirming care saves lives and allows people to live their lives more easily and happily.

The travesty of this interim report is that it does not provide and is unable to provide solutions – the NHS has a duty to provide this care and must do so with urgency. As Dr. Cass acknowledges, doing nothing is potentially harmful, and this is the current situation in the NHS – there is simply no care for trans youth and they are suffering.

If anyone has a young person who is suffering, please reach out to us for help. We need to protect trans youth.

GenderGP March 2022


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash