We advise all patients who order their prescriptions through GenderGP to plan ahead and make sure that you have ordered your medication through the Christmas and New Year period. As GenderGP will be operating with a reduced team during the holiday period, and with the current postal strikes in the UK, it is possible that prescriptions ordered too late in the month will experience delays.

Notification: GenderGP will have a reduced service between December 24th 2022, and January 2nd 2023.

The prescription team at GenderGP will be working on a reduced schedule due to the Christmas break and the overall festive period. Therefore, all our patients should expect delays on our usual prescription services.

Royal Mail Strike Dates

Deliveries may also be disrupted and delayed due to the Royal Mail national postal strikes. You can read more about the previous postal strikes on our blog website. The CWU has notified the Royal Mail and the strike dates will be the following:

· Friday, the 9th of December

· Sunday, the 11th of December

· Wednesday, the 14th of December

· Thursday, the 15th of December

Submitting Your Prescription Requests Before Christmas

We encourage ALL prescription requests to be submitted as soon as you have four weeks of medication remaining of your current supply! This is to ensure that you do not run out of your medication. Remember to check when your medication runs out so that you can order everything you need on time!

We also advise you to order your prescriptions by Monday, the 12th of December to allow enough time for processing and account for the Royal Mail strikes. The strikes begin on the 9th and end on the 15th of December.


If you require more information on how the Royal Mail and the DPD will be operating during the Christmas break, please read through our blog post.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to our patients. We hope you will still be able to receive your medication and prescription on time. GenderGP will resume normal service on January 3rd 2023.