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Unconditional Love: A Novel Based on True Events Book Cover Unconditional Love: A Novel Based on True Events
Vivienne Eesha
AuthorHouse UK
10 Dec. 2014
461 pages

This novel is based on true events of an effeminate boy named Aarav, who was sexually, physically, and emotionally abused as a child by the people he knew and trusted. Unconditional Love is a journey of a well-educated boy who became a doctor and an ambassador for the HIV prevention and human rights. All he wanted was love and solace, but because of his past, he only found lies and deceit from his numerous partners. They always blamed him for being abused. He claimed his sorrows and went into a world of silence. With time, his femininity blossomed into beautiful Arohi. His transgender avatar provided temporary relief, and she eventually found love and control of her destiny. As she tried to overcome the demons of her past, she was diagnosed with HIV.
“Why did you give me all this pain my Lord,” she prayed. “What wrong did I do? Where had I erred?”
She went into depression and attempted suicide.
She had gone through so much pain as a child; will this revelation destroy her or make her into a stronger individual?