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About GenderGP

We have one aim, to support and provide information services to transgender, non-binary and gender questioning people of all ages, and to those who care for and support them.

Our discovery sessions give you, or someone who cares about you, a chance to ask any questions you may have before embarking on your gender journey with GenderGP.

Book with Marianne

Marianne is our Head of Therapy and a trans woman herself. She is an experienced and very popular counsellor who has devoted her life to helping trans people of all ages live their lives in the way that is best for them. If you want to have an initial talk through your feelings with Marianne, then book here.

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Book with Wellbeing Team

Our Wellbeing Team offer a wide range of gender-specialist therapists who can talk to you about how you are feeling and chat through the tentative first steps of your transition. Is it the right time for you, are there any barriers in your way, what preparation do you need?

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Book with Pathway Team

If you want to talk about how our Appraisal Pathway works and what it can offer you, then book an informal chat with one of our Pathway Team. They can help you with how you are going to get your bloods done, how you will get your medication, how we like to work with your GP. They are not medically qualified but they sure know a lot about how our Pathway can work best for you.

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Book with Doctor

If you need to talk to a doctor about your health, or the effects of medical transition, then book with one of our specialist doctors. They can answer all your questions on how hormone therapy might affect you and whether it is safe for you to go ahead. No judgement, just good, helpful advice from our gender specialist doctors.