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Counselling & Support

We have one aim, to support and provide information services to transgender, non-binary and gender questioning people of all ages, and to those who care for and support them.


Nobody accessing our services is forced to have any kind of counselling or psychotherapy. However, we fully understand how useful talking through your thoughts and feelings can be. Our specialist team are here to talk to you, your family, your loved ones or anyone who cares about you. Whether you want a one-off chat or to book a course of sessions, we are here to listen and to help.

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Family Therapy

Sometimes navigating being trans or caring for someone who is trans brings challenges. If you or your parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends  neighbours are struggling in any way then talking it through can help. Life soemtimes doesn’t go the way you planned it but that doesn’t mean the challenges can’t be overcome

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Couples Therapy

Relationships may take a new direction during transition, but that doesn’t have to mean the end of a relationship. Work through and questions and difficulties you or your partner may have. Talking helps, and our specialist team can help you work though the feelings that may be hampering your love for each other.

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Support Sessions

Some people don’t want formal counselling but they just need to talk something through with someone. If you want a quick chat, to offload, to cry or scream – then book a session today. Life is hard sometimes and talking always helps.

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A selection of sessions, specifically aimed at different areas of your life depending on what you want to discuss. Talking helps, and our specialist team can help you work though the feelings related to each area.

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Important Document Sessions

If you are ready to apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate or change your gender marker on your passport, we can help with that. You will need to complete our form in Help Centre first and then we will advise on which session type is needed.

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