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Pathway Sessions

Our Appraisal Pathway leads you through the process that allows you to share information with to make sure your transition is safe and tailored to you. You are an expert in your feelings and we are the experts in health. We combine that expertise to create your gender journey.

Discovery Sessions

Our Discovery Sessions allow you to talk to someone who can answer your questions. Whether you are not sure how you are feeling, or whether you need some help getting blood tests or prescriptions, or just want an initial chat to make sure this is safe for you. You choose who you need to talk to and we can then answer all your questions.

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Medical Consultation

If you want a longer consultation with our doctor to really talk through your health and your transition, then book a consultation here. Share your concerns and worries and get the expert gender advice you need. Our doctors are not here to validate your gender, just to make sure that any decisions you make are the best for you in your situation.

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GP Session with GenderGP

If you are already on treatment and want your GP to chat through your treatment with GenderGP, then book a call with us. This is not designed for long consultations, more of a quick chat to make sure everyone is happy with the planned treatment. Alternatively, if you are a GP yourself, you can book in to ask us about the service and how it works.

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Talk to Pathway Team

If you have a query about your blood tests, a letter, help for your GP, how your prescription works, or any other technical matter then book to talk to a member of the Pathway team. They are not medically trained and they are not counsellors, but they know all about how GenderGP works and how we can sort out your query.

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