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Surgery Referral Sessions

You can book one or two sessions, as needed, to get the referrals required for surgery

These sessions are required to inform surgery referral letters. A chance for you to share your thoughts on what you hope that surgery will achieve, and for us to make sure that that is achievable for you.

Tilly Storr – Psychologist


Tilly is a person-centred counsellor drawing from over 30 years experience, having a special interest in transgender work. Her interests and energy have enabled her to develop professionally and personally as counsellor who stays abreast of current issues without losing her humanity and empathy for people, whoever they are.

Marianne Oakes – Head of Therapy


Marianne Oakes is a person-centred counsellor working as head of the psychological support team at GenderGP, an online clinic specialising in the multidisciplinary treatment of gender questioning patients. In her role at GenderGP, Marianne works with transgender and gender-questioning clients providing both one to one therapy and couples counselling.