Electronic Prescription System FAQs

FAQs for How We Process Your Prescription in 2023

What are Clynxx and FreeRX?

Clynxx is a private, advanced electronic prescribing system, and FreeRX is the UK’s official advanced electronic private prescriptions system. Clynxx sends electronic private prescriptions (FreeRX) instantly to patients via email and SMS – without needing a paper prescription – straight to our partner pharmacies. Electronic prescriptions can be dispensed in any pharmacy in the UK or in the EU. This solution offers an Advanced electronic signature on the prescription – which complies with the regulatory requirements (UK Regulation 219 – section (5) Human Medicine Regulations 2012).

What is an electronic prescription?

Simply put, electronic prescribing is the modern, computerised version of old-fashioned paper prescriptions. The prescription is signed electronically and is protected against unauthorised access by robust encryption and other security schemes.

What protections have been put into place to protect my data?

Clynxx follows industry standards. Personal identifiable information is ‘salted and hashed’ which means it is indistinguishable at rest in our database and requires two keys before it can be displayed in a meaningful way. We store our data on cloud servers based in the UK and we have 2 back-up servers held independently from each other also in the UK. Small back-ups happen every hour and complete back-ups happen overnight. We also perform annual penetration tests using an independent security consultant.

What prescribing options can I choose from?

Direct to Pharmacy: If you request to use one of our partner pharmacies, this is how we will prescribe your medication. Choosing this service, you benefit from a £0 admin fee, as a benefit of using one of our partnered pharmacies. Your prescription will be sent directly to the partner pharmacy. You should receive an email or text message from Clynxx informing you that your prescription has been sent to your chosen pharmacy. You do not need to act on this email. Following this, you will receive a further email from our partner pharmacy with the information about the next steps for you to pay for your medication and delivery.

FreeRX: This prescribing service replaces former paper prescriptions that were posted to you. Electronic version of the former paper prescription will be sent to you instantly via email and text message after you request your prescription at https://www.gendergp.com/help-centre/request-a-one-off-prescription/. The electronic prescription can be dispensed in any pharmacy of your choice.

Where can I get my FreeRX electronic prescription dispensed?

Your local pharmacy will dispense your medication (depending on stock). It can also be dispensed from any Boots, Tesco or Lloyds pharmacy in the UK. You will need to present the information in the email/text received from Clynxx to your pharmacist. The pharmacist will use the specific code/token in the prescription to open and dispense your medication.

Is the cost of my electronic prescription included in the subscription fee?

When choosing to have your prescription dispensed via one of our partner pharmacies, your prescription will not cost any extra fee. If you choose to have your FreeRX electronic prescription sent to you, for you to take to your preferred pharmacy; the admin fee is £9.99 and it will be charged to you by GenderGP.

Will I need to pay for the medication?


Our Partner pharmacies in the UK & EU – The cost of your medication will be payable to the partner pharmacy. They will contact you directly by email with a link to make the payment.

– FreeRX – The cost of medication will be payable to the pharmacy you take your FreeRX electronic prescription to.The price for the medication may vary.

Can I print my FreeRX electronic prescription sent to me via Clynxx?


Patients should not print or download their electronic prescription received in the email/text, as this will invalidate their prescription, and will incur an extra charge when requesting a replacement. Electronic prescriptions can ONLY be opened and printed by the pharmacy of your choice.

A UK or EU pharmacy can print or download the prescription following the steps in the email that was sent to you.

– The unique prescription ‘Token/Code’ is used for pharmacy record keeping or as a reference as in accordance with GPhC guidance.

Can I use my prescriptions outside of the UK?

Electronic Prescriptions containing an advanced electronic signature (like those provided through Clynxx) are widely accepted within the EU. However, we cannot guarantee their acceptance as this is dependent on the regulations for the country in question. If you face any issues with dispensing your FreeRX electronic prescription you can contact Clynxx or contact us directly.

Irish pharmacies only accept electronic prescriptions via Healthmail.

Healthmail is the Irish version of NHSmail. Essentially It’s a secure way of sending patient data (such as a prescription from an NHS Doctor/GP to a pharmacy).

As Clynxx is a private electronic prescribing platform, it is not needed to work on government run systems such as Healthmail.

Private electronic prescriptions don’t run on the same systems or under the same regulations as electronic prescriptions are written by GP’s. Therefore, your local pharmacy should dispense from a private electronic prescription.

What if I don’t have a smartphone or mobile phone of any kind?

If you don’t have a smartphone, you should still receive a text message, which you can take to your preferred pharmacy and show the message to the pharmacist.

– If you do not own a mobile phone, you can print the email (not the prescription itself), and take the printed copy to your chosen pharmacy.

– Should neither of the above options be possible, we recommend you choose to have your prescription dispensed via one of our partnered pharmacies.

What If I don’t receive my prescription taken by email or text message?

If you don’t receive your Prescription Token either by email or text message, please contact our team and we will be able to check your details, update them if necessary and resend the Prescription Token messages for you.

My pharmacist said electronic prescriptions aren’t accepted in Wales or Ireland.

Electronic prescriptions signed by a GP are not accepted currently in Wales or Ireland. However the regulation for Private Electronic Prescriptions
Prescriptions in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, all follow the same regulations (The Human Medicines Regulation 2012 (Reg 217, 218 and 219), which means that they are widely accepted throughout the UK.

Electronic prescriptions and controlled medicines?

Prescriptions for Schedule 2, 3 and 4 Controlled Drugs can be dispensed using an electronic prescription. GenderGP and Clynxx follow all the regulations set out in The Human Medicines Regulation 2012 and our prescriptions also follow the guidance set out in The Misuse of Drugs Regulation 2001.

My pharmacist told me that they can’t accept electronic prescriptions, what should I do?

Private electronic Prescriptions should be accepted throughout the UK and the EU. However, if you do experience any issue, please follow the guidance from the FAQ below – ‘Problems Having Your Electronic Prescription Dispensed’.

Problems having your electronic prescription dispensed?

  • If you have a problem having your prescription dispensed, please contact Clynxx either via their:

    – online chat: https://www.clynxx.com/
    – or email: info@clynxx.com


 – Your pharmacist can contact Clynxx via their contact details or via the email address displayed on your FreeRX electronic prescription to get more information about your prescription or your prescribing doctor.