F1nn5ter and one of his friends have donated $50k to our GenderGP Trans Healthcare Fund. With this fantastic donation, trans people who would normally not be able to afford it are able to access gender affirming healthcare.

The GenderGP FUND for trans adults is now OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS! This means that all trans people over the age of 18 who aren’t already GenderGP patients can apply for our Fund for trans adults now. Apply for the Fund HERE:


Access to Gender Affirming Healthcare through our GenderGP Fund

We created the GenderGP Fund in order to give trans people who cannot afford gender affirming healthcare the opportunity to access it. It will cover the costs of psychological and emotional support, blood tests, subscriptions and medications.

It is difficult to tell you the exact cost to fund a single person for a year. This is because the type of services we provide differ based on each patient. However, if we were to provide an individual with 100% subsidised care, including all medication costs on the most expensive medication, the total amount would be an estimated £2,250 per year. Nevertheless, if your doctor is willing to prescribe your medication and support you with the monitoring of your blood tests and results, the total amount would be reduced to £710 per year.

When will the Fund open for applications?

Through the donation from Jude and his friend, we are NOW OPEN to applications through this form. Remember only trans adults who are not already part of the GenderGP family are able to apply.

We will continue to advertise our Fund for trans youth on social media. Therefore, make sure to follow us on all our platforms. In the meantime, if you want to receive updates regarding when the fund will be open for trans youth, and how to apply, fill out this form.

We are aware that this may be disappointing to those with young trans people who desperately need support. However, we promise you we are going as fast as we can and we will open applications as soon as possible. Young trans people’s healthcare costs are higher than for adults and more complex to support. Therefore, the systems we are working on to try to make things as easy as possible are still in progress.

Despite the donation from Jude boosting our support for trans adults, we need to be able to support young people too, therefore, we ask everyone who can to donate to our Crowdfunder for trans youth. For more questions, visit our FAQ page.

Trans People more likely to be Unemployed

Research has proven that access to gender affirming healthcare leads to an improvement in transgender people’s overall well-being and mental health. It also reduces feelings of anxiety and depression. A 2022 study confirmed that gender affirming surgeries can alleviate dysphoria, improve body image and self-esteem.

Access to gender affirming healthcare means having the ability to be one’s authentic self. As the public healthcare system is failing trans people, many turn to private care. However, not everyone can afford it, leaving an entire marginalised group without access to this life-saving care.

Unfortunately, financial stability is influenced by many different factors and trans people are disproportionately affected by unemployment. They are also more likely to experience discrimination at the workplace compared to cis people. Trans people face prejudice and harassment at work. The household income of a trans adult is also significantly less than that of a cis adult.

Autism rates among Trans Community

Moreover, trans people are three to six times more likely to be autistic and people with autism also face higher rates of unemployment and discrimination. In the UK, autistic people are more likely to be unemployed compared to neurotypical people. A 2020 report also highlighted that almost 50% of managers admitted to not hiring a neurodivergent candidate. Therefore, being trans and autistic increases the possibility of unemployment and discrimination at work. This affects access to healthcare.

These numbers differ depending on trans people’s intersecting identities. For example, almost half (41%) of US Black trans people experienced homelessness at some point in their lives. This number is five times that of the overall US population.

The need for accessible Healthcare

With all this information, it is clear that private gender affirming healthcare is not accessible for many transgender people because of the discrimination they face in the workplace and overall society. This is exactly why we started our GenderGP fund, in order to help trans people who otherwise would not be able to afford this life saving care. We strive to ensure all our current and future patients’ needs are met the best and most accessible way possible.

As F1nn5ter and his friend’s donation is only accessible to trans people over the age of 18, it is crucial we continue to help trans youth. Our fund will provide support for counselling, medication and subscription costs for those who cannot afford it.

We want to encourage everyone who can, to donate to our Crowdfunder for transgender youth. By donating, you will be facilitating access to gender affirming healthcare for many trans people who urgently need it. We believe transgender healthcare is a human right. Every trans person should have access to affordable care.

Please remember that due to the unprecedented generosity of Jude and his friend, we will start taking applications for the adult fund immediately.


Note: The GenderGP Fund has been temporarily paused as we review additional methods to better serve the transgender and non-binary community.