Twitch streamer and content creator F1nn5ter and one of his good friends have made a life-changing donation of $50,000 to the GenderGP Trans Healthcare Fund. This money will help countless trans adults access gender affirming healthcare and make a real change in the lives of many people. Watch Jude/F1nn5ter’s announcement video featuring our own Dr. Webberley here.


Following the fantastic news of Dr Helen Webberley’s vindication and nomination for the National Diversity Awards, we have another important announcement to share. Twitch Streamer F1nn5ter, also known as Jude, and one of his friends have made a donation of $50k to our trans healthcare fund!

Who is F1nn5ter aka Jude?

F1nn5ter is a popular twitch streamer, beloved among many trans people for his fierce allyship for the community. On Christmas Day, F1nn5ter set up a fund of $50,000 in order to help the trans community in the UK access healthcare and support.

Following many discussions with trans people explaining the current state of trans healthcare in the UK, Jude decided to raise $25k from their own money whilst one of his close friends then matched this donation. This has now lead to a fund of $50k, equating to £40k, being donated to changing trans people’s lives.

Subsequently, Jude asked the trans and gender diverse community for guidance on where to donate this money. We are thankful to every one of you who supports GenderGP’s services and who pointed F1nn5ter in our direction.

We not only thank our supporters but Jude and his friend themselves. Without them, this donation would not have been possible. Please make sure to follow F1nn5ter on twitter and keep up with his streaming events.

GenderGP’s Fund

The GenderGP fund was started in order to provide financial support for trans people. Public healthcare services are failing the transgender community and many families and trans individuals cannot afford going through private care.

We started our fund to help trans people from working-class backgrounds who would otherwise struggle to afford private healthcare. Through our Crowdfunder, we help provide counselling, support, medication and subscription costs for those who would otherwise be unable to access this life-saving support.

The money F1nn5ter has donated will only be accessible to people over the age of 18. Jude fully supports trans youth. Yet they recognise that some of their content is not for people under 18. After all, access to gender affirming healthcare affects trans people of all ages.

It is crucial we keep donating to also support young trans people so that they too can access this life-saving care. Research has proven that gender-affirming care is integral to many trans people’s journeys. It improves mental health and overall well-being as well as reducing feelings of anxiety and depression.

The joy and euphoria transgender healthcare brings to the trans and gender diverse community is the reason we fight so hard to make it as accessible as possible.


Why work with GenderGP?

If you are prescribed hormone treatment via our services, you can ask your doctor or GP to help. Working collaboratively with our specialists means that your doctor can be confident that they are providing the support you need. Our team of clinical and therapeutic staff ensure that you are getting the right emotional and medical support. They will tell your doctor what to prescribe and what tests are needed. They will also analyse the results to ensure that your medication is working as it should.

We would encourage everyone to ask their doctor to support their care. If your doctor will work with us, that means a vast reduction in the costs that you have to pay as an individual. This is because your medication and monitoring costs will be picked up by your national health service.

We will work with everyone who is granted support by the fund to secure a collaborative working relationship between your doctor and GenderGP. This will reduce the amount that the donation needs to cover. In return, it will allow us to help more people get the care they so urgently need.

What does this donation to our fund mean for the trans community?

This donation to our fund is important for the trans community because it signifies the willingness to support this marginalised group of people. There are many cis allies as well as other trans folk who are dedicated to helping all of us.

The donation will also help trans people from lower-income backgrounds who do not have the same privilege as others in accessing gender-affirming healthcare. Our fund was specifically created to be as inclusive as possible with our services. We are aware that not everyone has the same financial stability. Therefore, it was crucial for us to ensure that all our patients’ needs are met the best way possible.

F1nn5ter’s donation is an incredible act of support for trans adults, and it is going to save lives. However, as the money is only accessible to people over 18, it is important we keep helping young trans people. Trans minors are often the first ones to be affected by gender affirming healthcare bans.

Donate to our Fund

We encourage all those who can to donate to our Crowdfunder for trans youth. You will be providing access to gender affirming healthcare for young trans people when they need it most, whom would otherwise be unable to access it. We believe that access to affirmative, timely and free transgender healthcare is a human right. Until services locally and globally catch up, we are doing what we can.

We will not stop fighting, challenging injustice and prejudice, and promoting trans joy, visibility and personal autonomy!



Note: The GenderGP Fund has been temporarily paused as we review additional methods to better serve the transgender and non-binary community.