What it costs, shared care and what your subscription buys.

At GenderGP we want to make trans healthcare as affordable as possible.

To keep costs as low as we can, we have developed our service around telemedicine which means all of our interactions are done over the internet.

While we offer a fully private service, costs can also be further reduced if we work collaboratively with your healthcare provider. While the degree of support and willingness to collaborate varies, those providers who are willing to do so, can cover the cost of your medication and blood tests. Where this is agreed, GenderGP acts in the capacity of gender specialist, guiding and supporting the primary physician to provide safe and effective gender affirmative care.


There are six charges associated with using GenderGP’s medical services

All patients pay a one-off set up fee of £195 which enables them to become a member of our service. Find out more about what us included in your membership by clicking on the subscriptions tab.

Members receive unlimited access to medical advice, blood test result analysis and private prescriptions. Medication is charged separately, unless your healthcare provider has agreed to a shared care arrangement.

Some consultations are optional but useful, and some are compulsory. A list of the the available sessions is outlined below:

Information Gathering Sessions (compulsory): these give us a chance to get to know you and to work out how best to help. It is your chance to tell us how you feel and what you want to achieve. If you have a recent report from another specialist then you can use this here.

Follow-up Sessions (compulsory): arranged every 6 months to see how you are doing. You can have these more frequently if you wish.

Counselling (optional): this is a way for you to really dig deep and talk to one of our specialist gender counsellors about what you are going through.

Ask us Anything (optional): an opportunity to speak to someone before you start on the Appraisal Pathway and embark on your journey with GenderGP. Ask any questions you want about the support we provide and the process and costs.


Consultation cost – overview:

Information Gathering Session (compulsory unless you already have an assessment report from somewhere else) – £65.00

Follow-up Sessions (compulsory – every 6 months) – £30.00

Counselling (optional) – £60.00-£80.00

Ask us Anything (optional) – £40.00

Blood tests are an essential part of your treatment – to make sure you are fit and healthy, that you are on the correct dose.


There are three ways to can get your blood tests done:

Via your doctor

If your doctor will do the blood tests for you on the NHS or your public health system, you can provide us with a copy of the results.

Private service

If your doctor can’t do them for you then a local private hospital may be able to help.

Home Testing Kit

We can arrange for you to have a home testing kit sent to you.


This can either be done using a finger prick test or by a phlebotomist near you.


The minimum tests you need to ask for are as follows:

  • Full blood count
  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Diabetes
  • Lipids
  • Hormones (if you are already on hormone treatment)

Blood test costs – overview 

  • I have had some blood tests done within the past 6 months and can provide my levels – £0.00
  • My doctor will do the tests – £0.00
  • Home testing kit – £250.00
  • I will use a private hospital – cost varies
  • I would like some more information

As outlined above, if your doctor will prescribe for you under our supervision, this can reduce your costs significantly. However, if that is not possible we can still help you by issuing a private prescription which you can use to purchase your medication privately, via our partner pharmacy: ClearChemist


Prescription options – overview

Your doctor will prescribe, under our supervision.

GenderGP will prescribe – we send a private prescription to our partner pharmacy Clear Chemist and you purchase your medication from them.

Paper Prescription – if you are outside the UK, or would prefer to have a paper prescription to take to your pharmacy, this can be arranged. You can take this to the pharmacy of your choice and purchase the medication from them. Not all pharmacies are willing to accept private paper prescriptions, so it is best to check first.


Estimated Private Medication Costs:

Hormones – from around £10 per month dependent on need.

Anti-androgens – around £10 per month.

Puberty blocking injections – around £100 per month.

Puberty blocking nasal spray – around £60 per month.



Some medicines are given by injection – such as some Testosterone preparations and puberty blockers. There are alternatives available, but if you want to have injections it is important that we know who is going to administer them.


Injection options – overview:

Your doctor’s surgery will help you with the injection.

Private service – you will make arrangements for a local private service to administer your injections.

Self-inject – you have been taught how to inject your own medication.

Family / friends – you know someone who is qualified and willing to help.

Most letters and reports are included with your GenderGP subscription. However, some services such as referrals for surgery incur an additional fee.

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