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Our fee schedule

All of our partners are private practitioners, which means that you have to pay for some of your care, however if you are financially struggling then they try and do all they can to make things affordable for you

If your GP is willing to help then the NHS pays for some aspects and reduces the costs for you.

We can give your GP lots of information about their expectations in helping you with gender care so that they can feel more informed and more able to help.

Please ask about your individualised care package.



All of your initial advice is free. Please ask any questions about your gender, your healthcare options, how to get help from your GP, how to get referred to an NHS GIC.

We can offer advice on any aspects of transitioning and your healthcare and needs.

Feel free to contact us today.

 One-off administration fee – up to £195

This is an individualised fee which depends on individual circumstances and also your financial ability. We don’t want anyone not to be able to access care because of affordability, and if your GP is willing to help then this makes private care much more affordable.

Assessments, Support, Advice – up to £65 per session

We advise all people to undergo one or more counselling / support sessions with one of our counsellors or psychotherapists.

This can be a one-off or more depending on individual need. You may provide a report of your own if that is preferable.

The costs depends on how many sessions you need or want.

Appointments – up to £80 per session 

All treatment plans are individualised according to need and circumstances.

In many cases your case can be managed remotely and you will not need to come to clinic unless you want to.

We use modern technology to help you in every way we can without long and expensive journeys to clinic locations.

Our team of psychologists and counsellors can offer you face to face sessions, or sessions by Skype / Telephone / Chat / Email.

We will work together with you to find the way that serves you best.


Initial screening and ongoing monitoring – varies (free if your GP does them)

If your GP agrees to do your blood tests then there will be no further costs for this. Otherwise, our private laboratory can organise these through blood samples or finger prick tests.

The price varies with how many and how often you need tests – please ask for a typical regime for your situation.

Costs of hormones and blockers – £20+ or free if your GP prescribes

If your GP is willing to enter a shared care agreement then the NHS will pay for your prescription medication for you under supervision.

If not, then you have to pay for the actual costs of the drugs, and this varies as to which medication you are prescribed.

However, if your GP doesn’t want to help you will have to ‘buy’ your medication from the chemist once it has been prescribed for you.

We partner with ClearChemist and their prices are very competitive.

Advice, prescriptions, letters, GP supervision – £30 

GenderGP charges a small monthly fee which gives you unlimited access to advice regarding your gender care, and also covers the costs of advising your GP on shared care agreement plans.

This fee is individualised and we do not want anyone to not be able to afford my care just because of finances alone.

This fee covers advice, private prescription creation, blood test analysis, advice for your GP etc.

Once your GP is happy to fully take over your care then you will no longer need to pay this.

Passport Letters, GP Letters, Reports, Surgery Referrals, fertility clinic referrals etc

All letters to your GP and any other specialist involved in your general health are included in the monthly subscription fee.

If you need a specific report for surgery or for the passport office then this will be £25 plus any assessments that may be required to fulfil the criteria.

If you are self-medicating you can swap your medication for safe and prescribed medication.

We can source advise on your dosage, arrange blood tests and you will find it cheaper and safer.


Contact Us – Confidential Advice

Whatever your query, we’re here to help. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you. The GenderGP team.

Media Enquiries (ONLY): Please contact Aby Hawker.

Email:  abyhawker@falconpr.co.uk     |     Tel:  07795593706