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Following news that pharmacists have once again been targeted for providing lifesaving treatment to trans youth, GenderGP would like to reassure our younger patients that we will continue to fight for your rights to access affirmative healthcare.

The body that regulates pharmacies in the UK – the General  Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) – has recently begun unfairly targeting pharmacies that work with GenderGP patients. This began with Clear Chemist, in October of 2020, and now one of the alternative pharmacies we put in place has been impacted.

This affects trans youth aged 17 and under and those on Synarel. We have excellent provision in place for all other service users and their care is not affected.

For those who are impacted, we have reintroduced paper prescriptions as an interim measure while we work on a longer-term solution.

In true GenderGP fashion, we are not taking this attack lying down. 

  • We have written to the GPhC highlighting the crucial role they have to play in supporting this patient cohort, and the damage that is being done in preventing pharmacists from doing so.
  • We have set up a Pharmacy Hub on our website, a dedicated section with reassurance, evidence and education for pharmacists.
  • We have set up provision to answer pharmacy queries that may arise on the back of paper prescriptions.
  • We are sending out 14,000 flyers to pharmacists inviting them to support their trans patients.
  • We will be informing the wider world that once again trans youth are being used as a pawn in this highly politicised area of medicine.

As we have seen in recent years, trans youth have been repeatedly targeted but we will continue to fight on their behalf.

If you have a question please visit our comprehensive FAQ.

If you would like to make a formal complaint to the GPhC you can do so here.

Proudly fighting for trans rights,



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