Safe2Trans, a start-up providing free chest binders to the trans community, was founded by Josh Edwards. Here he talks about the important work the charity is doing and why he felt compelled to help the trans community.

My name’s Josh, and for a long time, I was uneducated about the trans community and the struggles trans people face as part of their journey. It wasn’t until I began to find myself making friends and hanging out with people who were trans, that I realised how much they have to deal with, just to be themselves – so I decided to do something to help. I started giving away free chest binders.

I set up to support trans-masculine and non-binary individuals, providing free breast binders to help them feel comfortable enough to be able to go out and do the things they love.


Accessing a free chest binder (breast binder)

Through Safe2trans we source and collect unused chest binders, which are then redistributed to those who need them the most. chest binders arrive with our small team, and are then sorted and listed free chest binders on our website. We list items according to size so that people are able to see what is available and claim the best chest binder to suit their needs. Free chest binders are added to our site on a regular basis and we keep our social media channels updated – so that as soon as new products arrive we can let our community know. You can find us on Instagram and Twitter

Our long term aim is to be a registered, recognised free binders charity in the UK and to open more doors for support to the community over the coming months and years.

For those who need a free binder and can’t afford one, or if there are other reasons why you may be struggling to access one, please visit our website and have a look at our free binders section. All that we ask is that you cover the cost of delivery.


We can provide top surgery referrals


Support Safe@Trans give Free Chest Binders

To ensure we can continue to provide this essential service we are looking for support from the community and allies alike. Anyone wishing to help can do so in the following ways:

  • Donating funds – This helps with the purchase of new breast binders and to cover costs of shipping in certain circumstances.
  • Donating a breast binder – Visit our website to find out how you can donate.
  • Spreading the word – by helping us to get the word out we can ensure the message reaches far and wide. Tell someone about the scheme, or ask those who have spare, unused free chest binders that they no longer need to consider donating them.

We are always exploring new ways to support the community, and to further the mission of giving people who struggle, an opportunity to be comfortable with themselves with free chest binders.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by emailing or by sending us a direct message via our Instagram account: @safe2trans


Photo by Jeremy McKnight on Unsplash