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Doctors plead with NHS to improve care to trans patients below the age of 18

Doctors have penned an open letter to the NHS to plead with the British healthcare provider to improve care to trans patients who are aged 18 and under.

Led by Dr Helen Webberley, a NHS GP who runs a private service for trans patients in the UK, the medical practitioners have outlined the various ways they would like to see the NHS change for the betterment of trans people.

Meet the doctor fighting for better care for trans kids

This doctor is fighting for better care for trans kids.

Dr Webberley has been running an online gender clinic since 2014.

Her name hit headlines after it was revealed she had treated a 12-year-old.

While the General Medical Council put Webberley under investigation, the trans community supported her and approved of what she was doing.

UK non-binary people could win legal recognition as NHS shakes up trans services

Dr Helen Webberly is a family doctor (GP) and gender specialist from Wales in the UK.

Webberley, set up a website that offers digital healthcare after her interest in the sector. Very quickly the gender care she offered through the website was the most sought after service.

Astounded by the number of calls she gets, Webberley has become a regular commentator on gender care in the NHS.

This doctor gives hormones to trans 12-year-olds and the establishment wants to shut her down.

Hormones for 12-year-olds. Puberty blockers without the wait. Trans healthcare available in every town.

It’s not some swivel-eyed fanatic with a dangerous fringe agenda advocating this. It’s a modest family doctor (General Practitioner or GP) from Wales, UK – Dr Helen Webberley.

And as the British National Health Service (NHS) evolves its gender identity services, her views could well prevail.

Trolls target Ed Miliband for uniting with trans people

Dr Webberley is a passionate believer in helping young trans people with their gender identity.

Therefore, frustrated with the current NHS gender identity referral system, she set up an online service. Specifically, it allows her to help patients, privately, who want to access her sympathetic ear when it comes to their gender identity issues.

Dr Helen Webberley gives trans patients easier access to treatment with online service

We hear the doctors in the news saying I shouldn’t be doing this, but the community is saying “leave her alone because what she’s doing is amazing.”‘

It takes one look at Webberley’s Twitter to confirm this.

One Twitter user said: ‘Thank you. Your service has literally saved me whilst I’m stuck on the cruelty of the ever expanding wait to actually see an NHS GIC.’

Another labeled Webberley a ‘godsend’ to an over-stretched NHS.