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When paramedic Danica Rain started to investigate her options for Gender Confirmation Surgery, she was dismayed to find that her choices at home in Canada were limited. So she set out on a worldwide quest to find: “the best possible surgeon who would deliver the best possible results, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality”.


Danica Rain - My gender confirmation surgery - GenderGP Podcast

Danica Rain – Paramedic

Danica successfully campaigned for care outside of Canada through the Canadian healthcare system and she now acts as an expert patient and consultant for the Kamal Hospital in Thailand, where she ended up having her ground-breaking surgery.

In this episode of the GenderGP podcast, Danica talks to Dr Helen and Marianne about the importance of getting the right surgeon for you and why the trans community has to be prepared to fight for their right to access better care, rather than being grateful for what they can get.


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Danica’s story was covered on City News Toronto. You can watch it here:
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