In a hugely positive development, a major new trans inclusive and intersectional global movement, with hundreds of members eagerly signing up, officially launched in early October 2021.

With more and more LGBTIQA+ people emboldened to live their very best life, supporting trans and gender diverse people has never been so important, and as such this latest movement has been enthusiastically welcomed by trans and gender diverse communities.


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The Gender Inclusion Network (GIN), a network including academics, students, educationalists, health and medical professionals, policy makers, lawyers, and community organisations, will aim to counter the transphobia we are currently witnessing in social life, institutions, legal structures, political movements, and the media.

Conceived and led by Professor Sally Hines, Chair of Sociology at the University of Sheffield and Dr Natacha Kennedy, Lecturer in Education at Goldsmiths University of London, the network will bring together experts who will disseminate ideas through publications and reports and hold a range of in-person and virtual events including conferences, workshops and seminars, discussion groups, film showings, book launches, and exhibitions.


There is now a sense of outrage, within academia, at the complete misrepresentation of trans and gender diversity related issues in the UK. The reality is that there is a broad consensus in favour of the inclusion of trans people in society, coupled with a richness of work exploring the complex meanings of gender and sex in the 21st century

Professor Sally Hines


It’s early days for the network, however, it promises much, and as things progress GenderGP will report on ongoing developments as the organisation grows.


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Note: The GenderGP Fund has been temporarily paused as we review additional methods to better serve the transgender and non-binary community.