GenderGP is now aware of the outcome of Dr. Michael Webberley’s MPTS hearing, in which he was not able to take steps to defend himself or present his case, and has the following comment to make:

Although Dr. Michael Webberley has not been involved in GenderGP for some time, we as an organisation, and our patient community, are here in part because of his efforts and courage in putting everything on the line to provide the best care possible for his patients.

Gender Affirming Healthcare has made great strides, producing better care outcomes for trans people around the world, and providing protocols that transform people’s lives. Dr. Michael Webberley’s patients have been united and unwavering in their support, feedback, and thanks for his role in helping progress models of care that have aided them to live as themselves.

Unfortunately, as equal healthcare moves forward around the world, there is further progress to make in the UK. The contradictory findings of the Drs. Webberley’s cases demonstrate two things: the importance of having the opportunity to defend yourself, and the lack of key expertise, and a united approach, in the provision of trans care within the UK.

GenderGP as an international provider has continued the fight for equal access to healthcare, applying globally recognised protocols and standards, and will continue to do everything we can to provide vital care and support to our patients and the trans community.