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Dr Lori Beth Bisbey

Registered Psychologist.

Dr Lori Beth Bisbey

Registered Psychologist

Dr Lori Beth Bisbey

Dr Lori Beth Bisbey is a registered psychologist, sex & intimacy coach, author, speaker, educator and podcast host who has spent the last 30+ years working with people to help them create and maintain meaningful relationships that contain sizzling sex (without shame). She has specialities in the treatment of PTSD/trauma and GSRD (gender, sex and relationship diversities). Dr Bisbey presents The A to Z of Sex every Thursday on the Health and Wellness Channel, Voiceamerica.com. She identifies as a polyamorous queer leather woman


As well as offering sessions in support changing Gender Markers, Lori can provide the following sessions:

Trauma Therapy – 120 minutes

In these sessions, trauma specific methods of therapy are used to help the client get rid of any emotional charge surrounding traumatic experiences and to resolve any symptoms relating to these experiences. The sessions end when an appropriate place to end is reached so clients are not sent out at the end of a session more upset than when they walked into the session.


Family Support – 45 minutes

These sessions are aimed at family, friends, partners to answer questions and support them so that they are able to support their trans gender loved ones on their journey and throughout life.