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Dr Yasmeen El-Rakhawy

GP and Gender Specialist.

Yasmeen El-Rakhawy

Registered Doctor

Dr Yasmeen El Rakhawy, MBBCh, CPHQ

Dr Yasmeen joined GenderGP in 2019 initially working with the organisation part-time, learning the ropes by transcribing the GenderGP podcast and creating educational resources. Her area of specialist interest is gender-affirmative care and the healthcare needs of trans people.

In line with GenderGP policies, Dr Yasmeen operates according to the following International Guidelines:

Dr Yasmeen’s consultation style is caring, compassionate and gender-affirming and she has had more than 200 patients under her care since joining the GenderGP Multidisciplinary Team in April 2020. The youngest patient she has seen was 12 and the oldest in their early 50s. She has spoken to mums, dads, partners, and even siblings to help them to understand and support their loved one through their transition.

She has considerable experience of writing tailored, individual, patient-specific reports for medical colleagues and specialists, both for routine and complex cases. She has also prepared educational material in line with recommendations from the aforementioned guidelines, together with colleagues in the Medical Team at GenderGP to support other healthcare professionals in their care of trans and non-binary patients.


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