Overview of Our Counselling Sessions

We want to provide you with more detailed information on all the counselling sessions and services we offer at GenderGP. The counselling sessions, for both adults and young people, are formal sessions with a trained professional for you to discuss and explore any difficulties you are having. We take a non-judgemental and empathetic approach and are keen on providing a safe environment for all our patients. All our counsellors are gender specialists who are either trans themselves or have worked with the trans and gender diverse community.

During the sessions, you are able to talk about any challenges you are facing. It does not matter if they specifically pertain to your gender identity or not. You do not need to identify as trans or already have a clear understanding of yourself or your identity in order to book a session with us. If you wish to explore your sense of self during our counselling sessions, we fully support you and your journey. However, please remember that counselling is not limited to any single aspect of your life and we are here to support you in all areas.

Beside helping individuals, we also offer couples therapy. These are counselling sessions with an experienced counsellor for couples to explore feelings and thoughts around their gender and their relationship. We help you navigate challenging dynamics between you and your partner(s). At GenderGP you can access parent and family therapy. We cater to all people around the person’s life. We want to ensure that family members and friends who need more help in understanding their loved one’s gender identity receive the required information and guidance they need. Subsequently, they will be able to provide better support for their loved one. We can help facilitate conversations and answer any questions you all may have so that your family and friends are able to support your gender journey to the best of their abilities. We have also created a guide on how to support your transgender child.

What Counselling Services Do We Offer at GenderGP?

We spoke to our incredible Well-Being Team Manager Luna. She gave us an overview of what counselling at GenderGP might look like.

Luna: At GenderGP we have a variety of different specialists across all of our healthcare professionals. We have made an effort to get a wide range of specialists who have interest and expertise in different fields. Because of this diversity, all our counsellors will take their own approach. Therefore, they can cater to a lot of different types of people, depending on what specifically you are looking for in our counselling sessions.

We are aiming not just at the individual but also at those around them. As trans people, we interact with so many people on a daily basis and some people may need a bit more insight, help, and guidance along the way. We also work with couples. Chloe is our registered and qualified Sex Therapist. She is one of our main focal points when it comes to relationships and interactions between a trans individual and a cis individual or between two trans people.

Young trans people are often not heard or pushed aside. We provide a safe space, an open conversation between ourselves and our young patients. We are here to listen and to help guide them. Our directive is not to force anything or to push or direct, but to provide a completely open space.

All our counsellors are here to help and guide anyone.

Benefits of Online Counselling Sessions

All our counselling services are online. There are several benefits to online therapy. For example, you do not have to present as your authentic self in public in order to come meet us. You can be in a safe space of your choosing and present the way you like without fearing potential violence or judgement from the public. We will never judge you. We are only here to help and make you feel comfortable.

Accessing counselling services with us means not having to go through endless waiting lists. We are aware of the long waiting times people struggling with their mental health experience. Therefore, we wanted to ensure that our services are accessible with little to no waiting time.

If you still feel like committing to several counselling sessions feels like too much, you have the opportunity to book a one-off, support session with us. We understand that choosing a therapist or counsellor can be challenging. However, GenderGP is here to help you, not judge you. If you would like to book any of our counselling sessions, you can do so through SimplyBook. For any additional questions, visit our Help Centre to speak to one of our team members.