Do you need a surgery referral letter to access gender affirming surgeries? Whether you are a patient at GenderGP or not, we are here to provide you with a referral letter to help you affirm your gender.

Working collaboratively with other healthcare providers

Recently, we received a message from Jemima Bullock, a healthcare professional in New Zealand. Bullock works as a clinical psychologist in an Endocrine Department, supporting transgender patients through their medical transition journey. They also provide private services in order to support trans clients seeking gender affirming surgery. This private service is at times funded by the New Zealand health service. For more information on their website, visit this page.

While looking to update their surgery referral form, they came across GenderGP. Therefore, Bullock asked to use part of our gender questionnaire and wording as a template, wanting to reference our surgery referral page. What incredible news!

We were of course delighted to have the opportunity to work together with other healthcare providers in supporting trans patients across the globe when accessing gender affirming treatment. This is the perfect example of how healthcare professionals can work together in order to offer the best possible services to the trans and gender diverse community.

We strongly encourage other doctors and healthcare professionals to use our referral form and work collaboratively to best support trans and gender diverse people around the world.

The importance of gender affirming surgeries

We want to take this opportunity to raise awareness on the importance of gender affirming surgeries. Studies have proven that trans surgeries can help improve feelings of dysphoria, mental health and overall well-being. Trans actor Caspian Faye also used our services to obtain a surgery referral letter for their top surgery. For more information on top surgery, check out our blog with surgeon Ioannis Ntanos.

Unfortunately, there have been too many trans people who have rightfully complained about the invasive and hurtful line of questioning they had to endure in order to access gender affirming surgery.

This is exactly why we have designed our questions to make trans people feel more comfortable. We believe that the questions on our surgery referral form are created to help trans individuals make the best and informed choices about their health and well-being. Please find below a list of all the questions from our surgery referral form.

Surgery referral form questions

  • Please describe your journey so far.
  • What do you hope surgery will achieve and what do you worry that it won’t achieve?
  • How long have you thought about having this surgery?
  • Have the feelings about your gender been consistent, or have they come and gone? Please provide as much information as you can.
  • What steps have you taken to change your appearance or day to day role to align with your true gender?
  • What legal steps have you taken, if any, such as name, passport, birth certificate, driving licence etc?
  • Have you previously or are you currently taking hormone therapy and for how long?
  • Surgical procedures are permanent. It is important to be sure before taking steps to alter your physical appearance. Please give your feelings about that here.
  • What surgery have you had in the past? What are you hoping to have in the future?
  • Please explain here how the surgery you are considering now will help.
  • Please explain why you feel surgery is a necessary step for you.
  • Surgery is not without risks. Please explain in detail what you understand the risks of this procedure to be.
  • Please provide some detail about the social support around you, including home, school, college, work, wider family etc.
  • If you have any questions about the procedure that you wish to discuss, please note them here.

GenderGP’s surgery referral form and letter

While GenderGP does not offer gender affirming surgeries, we can provide you with genital and non-genital surgery referrals. Our surgery referral assessment sessions offer you the opportunity to discuss your goals and hopes for your gender affirming surgeries.

Genital surgery referrals require two ‘Surgery Referral Assessment’ sessions with one of our Gender Specialist Advanced Counsellors or Psychologists. You can book these sessions via SimplyBook. After attending both sessions, we will supply you with your surgery referral letters. The surgery referral assessments last 40 minutes each and will cost £300 in total.

Non-genital surgery referrals only require one ‘Surgery Referral Assessment’ session with one of our Gender Specialist Advanced Counsellors or Psychologists. You can book the session via SimplyBook. After attending, GenderGP will supply you with your surgery referral letter. The surgery referral assessment is 40 minutes long and will cost £150.

Yes, you are trans enough

We want to remind you that at GenderGP your trans identity will never be questioned or invalidated. We work with our patients, treating them as experts of their own gender. Remember: You are trans enough!

We start from the assumption that trans people are secure enough in their gender identity. Our job is not to assess whether someone is trans enough. Our job is to make sure that they have the correct information to make choices about their health. If you need a surgery referral letter, you can fill out our surgery referral form HERE.