WPATH and USPATH yesterday called on allies around the world to take a stand for the rights of all girls – cis and trans – to be free to play sports without the threat that their “bodies will be under scrutiny.”

Legislation recently signed by the Governor of Arkansas, and being considered in many other states, seeks to bar schools and other organisations from allowing girls with diverse gender identities to participate in athletic competition alongside other girls.

Not only will this lead to the further marginalisation of trans girls, but the bill will make it legal for all girls, both trans and cis alike, to be forced to undergo invasive medical procedures to “prove” their genetic makeup.

But the clear issues with this bill do not stop there, according to the statement, schools and other organisations will be under threat of monetary loss from lawsuits allowed under the legislation, effectively forcing educational establishments to join in with the marginalisation of trans girls, whether they are in agreement – or not.

The statement goes on to argue that the bill is unnecessary and excessive, given that we are talking about a very small number of cases in which trans girls compete in sport:Their participation in sports neither prevents cisgender girls from participating in sports nor from receiving any scholarships. Beyond the damage to trans girls, the law could be weaponized against cisgender girls who are not perceived to be feminine enough, or purposely used to attack competitors.

Young trans people are already subject to greater instances of bullying, violence and discrimination than their cis gender counterparts, this bill will only lead to a worstening of this already dire situation.

GenderGP opposes this legislation as harmful to all girls.


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Photo by Kyle Pham on Unsplash