We welcome the response from The Cass Review where they ‘advise against suggesting that the GP should initiate local safeguarding protocols’ when people are accessing care from private providers such as GenderGP which are not regulated in the UK.

GenderGP provides health and wellbeing services to patients of all ages and we have supported thousands of people, young and old, through social, medical and surgical transition. We are incredibly proud of the work that we do and are happy to work with any providers who may not have the experience and understanding that we do.

If any public service or independent providers have queries or questions about medical intervention or monitoring that would be in the best interests of the patient, we are always happy to help with support, advice and education. Feel free to reach out here.

Many trans people face discrimination and hardship when accessing healthcare services, and our mission is to facilitate safe and accessible health and wellbeing for all.

The health and safety of the patient must be every healthcare professional’s utmost priority.

There has been much discussion about apparently ‘unregulated’ care being provided by the team at GenderGP. We have always explained very clearly that we have all the required regulations to carry out our functions:

  • GenderGP has all required regulation and registration.
  • Our doctors and nurses are regulated to provide medical care and advice.
  • Our counsellors and psychotherapists are regulated to provide advice, support and therapy.
  • Our partner chemists are regulated to dispense prescription medication.
  • More information about regulation and licensing can be found here.