GenderGP will care for you as long as you need us to

My husband is the fourth UK doctor to come under criticism for offering treatment to trans patients. The criticisms do not come from patients or families, they come from NHS GPs and the specialists that run the NHS gender clinics. The NHS doctors can’t or won’t provide the care for transgender people that is so desperately needed, yet they criticise those who do.

Dr Mike Webberley and Dr Helen Webberley - GenderGP

Dr Mike and Helen Webberley

The care that Mike and I have given is in line with guidance, it is the right treatment to the right patient for the right purpose. The trouble is that in the UK there is no recognised training programme for doctors, and no published treatment guidelines, so doctors are scared of prescribing. If they do the GMC may take action, as they have done against us.

Now is the time to fight, your care should be available to you free on the NHS. These medicines are things that your GP prescribes every day. There are recognised International guidelines telling your doctor how to do it. These are the ones that we recommend:

The NHS should be providing your care, and we all need to speak up to make them take action. We can collectively use our voices. Please sign our petition for improved transgender healthcare services here:

>>>Sign our petition now demanding better transgender healthcare services in the UK<<< 

Another way to express yourself is via your local MP, your local CCG, the CQC and the GMC. They are all responsible in their own way for the lack of provision of education and care in this field.

Mike and I are unable to prescribe any more but we have taken safe and secure steps to make sure that nobody is without care while we wait for the NHS to step up to the mark. We have moved the management hub of GenderGP and the medical care outside of the UK until it is safe to bring it back. Our European doctors have been specially trained to advise and prescribe for you, once you have undergone the GenderGP appraisal pathway that has become so popular and well-respected.

This means that your medication will continue, nobody will come to harm. The prescriptions will go to ClearChemist as usual and be delivered to you in the same way. Your GP will receive treatment summaries which will instruct them what to prescribe and what blood tests they need to do if they do not feel able to look after you by themselves.

Let’s keep strong together and force change. Trans patients have the same right to free care as any other patient group does. Care should be provided for simple cases by your GP, more complicated cases at your local hospital, and severely complicated issues by specialist centres. Gender Dysphoria is not a complex medical problem. Your doctors should take steps to educate and inform themselves so that they can safely provide you with care. Until they do, we will help you in every way we can.

Dr Helen Webberley, CEO and Founder and Proud
Standing up for the rights of trans people to access the medical care they need.