The founder of GenderGP, Dr. Helen Webberley, has finished the first stage of her Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service hearing following accusations of failing to provide good clinical care.

Dr. Webberley came under criticism for her approach to healthcare provision for trans people, and in particular trans youth. Her services, and those of GenderGP, are carried out in accordance with international guidelines and standards, instead of those followed by the NHS services.

In May 2017 she was stopped from working following complaints by NHS clinicians. The General Medical Council fully investigated the concerns and referred the matter to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) for an independent decision on whether the care she provided was of the standards expected of a reasonable body of medical practitioners.

The tribunal was asked to consider the allegations against her and determine whether or not the GMC had presented enough evidence to find the allegations proved. The majority of allegations were found to be not proven.

Of those that are found proved, the tribunal will next decide whether or not these amount to serious professional misconduct and hence whether any action should be taken on Dr Webberley’s ability to return to practice as a doctor.

The full Stage 1 determination can be read HERE.

Dr Webberley states, “This has been a long and arduous journey, and it is not over yet. The tribunal has obviously very clearly considered all of the matters and their determinations will have far reaching benefits for the development of protocols and policies and educational materials for trans healthcare providers across the world. I am truly grateful for all the support that I have had over the years, and I am looking forward to being able to put this behind me and move on with my life.”