At GenderGP, we believe that the person is the expert in their own gender experience. We combine this personal knowledge and insight with our expertise in providing gender-affirmative care, to help you find the best way forward in a safe and accessible way.

Although we thoroughly believe everyone, cis or trans, should have therapy support available to them in their lives, we do not believe that ‘compulsory’ counselling or psychotherapy is of benefit to anybody. We certainly do not believe in putting people through lengthy assessments in order to validate their gender. By the time you come to us, you will have a better understanding about your gender than anyone, our role is to help you to begin – or continue – your journey.

Some of you will know exactly what you need, others may need a little guidance. What you do not need is to pass any sort of “test”.

We do, however, need to gather some information from you in order to put your case forward for medical help. The process of learning more about you is what we call our Information Gathering Session (IGS). This is a chance for you to share your gender feelings with one of our specialist team members and to make sure your hopes, and expectations, fit with what we can offer.

Your session will be with a trained counsellor, and although they will happily arrange any future counselling you may need, this isn’t a formal counselling session. It is simply a chance for us to get to know you. Our counsellors are not medically qualified and cannot answer any medical questions. Nor are they experts in our Appraisal Pathway process (the steps you take in order to enrol as a patient with GenderGP).


After your session, a report will be created which will be passed to the Medical Team. This will help them to ensure transition is right for you, from both a psychological and medical perspective.


This is not a “pass” or “fail” test. We do not believe in the notion of being “trans enough”. Our job is to keep you safe. As such, the information we gather will enable our medical team to recommend the best course of action. This will either be HRT, some form of psychological support or it may be as simple as recommending that you talk through your case in more detail with another member of our team.

Once your report has been submitted, it will be attached to your Appraisal Form both of which will be passed to our Multidisciplinary Team. Together they will propose a plan for your care. You should allow a week for this to happen. Please note that more complex cases will take longer.

If you have questions for our Medical team or our Pathway Team, then you can book an appointment HERE, or ask a question HERE. Alternatively, to subscribe to our services visit: Full Pathway

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