Committed to delivering the best care to the trans community

GenderGP has been at the forefront of gender affirmative care for trans and non-binary people since 2015. We have ALWAYS put the community first:

  • speaking up on their behalf, where others have failed to do so
  • suffering media attacks – both directed at us and our suppliers
  • and all the while standing firm in our belief that trans and non-binary people deserve better.

We have continued to find ways to support individuals of all ages, no matter where they are in the world and to treat them with the care, dignity and respect they rightfully deserve.

Our commitment to the cause even culminated in our founder, Dr Helen Webberley being convicted of operating a service without a licence because she refused to down tools and abandon our service users, while she waited for the regulators to process her registration. Not to mention her high profile GMC investigation currently underway.


Striving for constant improvement

We are constantly striving to deliver the very best model of care to our service users. As part of this, our recent focus has been on how we take our model of care global. We have been looking at increasing our provision of education and training, making sure we are giving the community what they need and want. Not to mention passing on what we have learned to those who frankly are failing in their duty of care. As part of this process we have been discussing language internally.

We have involved our team members in the process, discussing what we have learned through our market research and asking for their input and thoughts – the feedback we received enabled us to stress test our thinking with our trans, cis and non-binary team members.

As part of the process of extending the reach of gender affirming care to the trans and non-binary community worldwide, we need to ensure we have the best possible leadership team in place. Due to the recent departure of our previous Chief Operating Officer, we are currently recruiting for this position. We hope that trans and non-binary candidates will apply.

We have trans, cis and non-binary contractors working at all levels within the organisation. Our team members earn an hourly rate which is commensurate with the role they perform. The insight and input of each and every one of our team members is welcome, valued and respected.