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GenderGP 2020 Q&A

Q: When you talk about the origins of GenderGP you say it began with a single web page. What did the web page offer?

A: GenderGP began as a single web page, set up by Dr Helen Webberley, offering free advice and guidance to trans and gender variant people. 

Q: What health and wellbeing services are on offer through GenderGP?

A: GenderGP offers access to a wide range of services: counselling, diagnosis, blood tests and monitoring, prescriptions, voice therapy, advice, life admin, surgical referrals, self-med swap and more.

Q: What services do you offer to friends and family of those going through transition?

A: We know it can sometimes be challenging for those who support gender variant people to understand what their loved one may be going through. We also understand that they need their own support and this is why GenderGP is always available to listen. Our team of gender specialist counsellors have a great deal of experience in helping parents and loved ones to talk through their feelings freely.

Q: Why has it been a rollercoaster?

A: Our gender affirmative approach to supporting our patients has always attracted a lot of attention, but most importantly it has earned us the reputation as a champion for improved gender care. This is something of which we are incredibly proud.

Q: Why have the odds been stacked against GenderGP?

A: GenderGP operates according to a gender affirmative model which is in keeping with the latest thinking from international centres of excellence in trans healthcare around the world. However, this approach is at odds with that currently taken by the NHS which has led to challenges for GenderGP. 

Q: Why is there a need for GenderGP?

A: A recent report by Sky News outlined the current state of trans healthcare in the UK, and we know the trans community throughout the world faces similar challenges.

Q: Why has the service gone global?

A: Our ambition has always been to deliver safe, affordable trans affirmative healthcare to the trans community, wherever they may be in the world. Taking the business global will enable us to fulfill this ambition. 

Q: Why have you changed from co.uk to com?

A: GenderGP.co.uk was the right domain for us as a business while we were UK focused but as we grow and become a global service, supporting people throughout the world, it is fitting that this is reflected in our web address. 

Q: What is Harland International?

A: www.Harland.International is a global organisation, based in Hong Kong, which supports the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex individuals across the world.

Q: What is the relationship between Harland International and GenderGP?

A: GenderGP was acquired by Harland International in April 2019 in order to support its long term-future and enable it to confidently continue with its mission to improve gender-related healthcare throughout the world.

Q: Why has GenderGP’s corporate ownership changed?

A: Harland International represents the next major step on our journey. Their direction will provide GenderGP with the protection of a global resource, aligned with our values and principles, as well as enabling us to secure the long-term provision of care for our patients and facilitating our continued work with their supporters.

GenderGP has always had big ambitions. Once we saw how significant the need for our services was, we strived to revolutionise healthcare for transgender people all over the world. This could never have been just a UK focused project, there are too many trans people throughout the world who need accessible, affordable, safe healthcare. 

Q: Do you have new terms and conditions?

A: Yes, our new terms and conditions can be accessed here.

Q: Does the service have a new privacy policy?

A: Yes, our new privacy policy can be accessed here.

Q: What changes will service users see day to day?

A: As part of the business agreement, GenderGP will change very little. The same team will remain in place, as will the unique GenderGP-developed appraisal pathway, which has been inspired by the thousands of individuals who have used the service since day one.

Q: Are Drs Helen and Mike Webberley still involved with GenderGP?

A: Dr Mike Webberley has now retired but remains a strong supporter of GenderGP and the trans community. Dr Helen Webberley still supports GenderGP in a consultancy capacity. Her main role is one of advocating on behalf of the trans community for better access to healthcare. She also uses her expertise in trans-related healthcare to help guide the business at a strategic level.

Q: I thought GGP had moved to Spain?

A: Extending the reach of GenderGP to other countries has involved multiple steps. Dr Helen Webberley runs her consultancy service, Spectrum Support Services, from Malaga, Spain.

Q: Where does Online GP Services Ltd fit in?

A: Online GP Services Ltd was the holding company for funds generated by GenderGP. It does not provide medical services or hold any personal data. Online GP Services Ltd was also acquired by Harland international in April 2019. 

Q: Does GenderGP need to be regulated by the CQC in the UK?

A: GenderGP is the organisational name, a business name, a trading name, it is not a legal entity and has no physical location in England. Harland International is the legal entity which is based in Hong Kong, and therefore has no requirement to be registered with any of the UK regulators.

Q: What is the GenderGP Portal?

A: The GenderGP Portal is our new two-way communication platform through which patients will be able to safely and securely access all of their medical information as well as being able to directly communicate with the GenderGP team of specialists, and order prescriptions, blood tests etc.

Q: When will I get my invitation to the GenderGP Portal?

A: You will receive your personal invitation via email from GenderGP in early 2020.

Q: Is my data safe and secure?

A: Yes, the GenderGP Portal is securely deployed over Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is also the provider of cloud services to large and well-known companies, such as Netflix. We use strong access controls throughout our cloud infrastructure in order to safeguard your data and to ensure we comply with data protection regulations and industry standards in information security. Data is encrypted during transmission and while at rest, and permissions-level access and other strict software controls ensure that patient data is kept confidential, and that our well-trained staff only have access to the information required to do their work in supporting you.

Q: What if I have any other queries?

A: Please email aby@GenderGP.com