GenderGP 2020

We have seen a lot of changes over the years. From a single web page containing helpful gender-related information that went live in 2015, GenderGP has evolved and developed into a fully fledged health and wellbeing service, for all transgender people, and those who support them.

We have ridden the roller coaster with the community all the way. We have held hands with you, and you with us, through the lows – whilst battling against those unwilling to alter their perceptions, rules and protocols. And as time has gone on, we have been delighted to share more of the highs, as society slowly comes on board and begins to really understand and embrace equality for all.

We have gone from serving a small number of UK based patients, who were waiting for NHS specialist clinics, to being a global provider – helping people of all ages across the world. We have proudly never turned away a request for help, even when the odds seemed stacked against you and us.

To give you a flavour of how far we have come, we are proud to share our very first Annual Review.

Never have our services been more needed. A recent report by Sky News outlined the current state of trans healthcare in the UK, and we know the trans community throughout the world faces similar challenges.

Now, as we kick off the new year, our future is bright. 2020 is the year that we begin to truly fulfil our potential. Evolving from a corner shop into a worldwide brand. As part of this process we have completed our transition to In addition, the corporate ownership has changed to Harland International, a global organisation which supports the rights of LGBTQI* people across the world.

As part of this process GenderGP will change very little. The same team will remain in place, as will the unique GenderGP-developed appraisal pathway, which has been inspired by the thousands of individuals who have used the service since day one. However, moving forward we will be bigger, and better placed to help more people.

Dr Helen Webberley will continue to support GenderGP in a consultancy capacity, advocating on behalf of the trans community for better access to healthcare. She will also continue to use her expertise in trans-related healthcare to help guide the business at a strategic level.

For those of you who are current users of our website, or subscribers to our podcasts, blogs and newsletters – you will see that we have updated our terms of service and privacy policy.

For our current patients, 2020 will also see the launch of our new patient communication platform – The GenderGP Portal. This is where you will have exclusive access to your medical records and where you will be able to seamlessly communicate with our specialist team of advisors, counselors, therapists and medics, to get the support and advice you need. It is also where you will be able to order your prescriptions. 

This is a phased roll out and we will be sending you an invitation to join the Portal in early 2020, so please keep an eye out for our email. We have updated our terms of service to reflect these exciting changes, ready for when you create your new account. 

Our focus has always been on delivering the best possible care to the highest possible international standards. As we move into a new decade, we are confident that gender-related healthcare will become more accepted, our vision is to continue to help people to access the care they need. These improvements will enable us to stay true to the original concept of providing affordable, accessible health and wellbeing advice and support to the transgender community, while enabling us to grow, so that we can help more people throughout the world.

GenderGP is proud to serve the trans community and those who support them, and will continue to strive to fulfil our mission of being the internationally recognised leading provider of gender-related healthcare, advice and education.

If you have any questions, or If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.




Dr Helen Webberley is the founder of GenderGP. A passionate advocate for the transgender community, she continues to campaign for real change in the way that trans people are treated in society and particularly in relation to the barriers they face when accessing healthcare. Dr Webberley believes in gender-affirmative care and that the individual is the expert in their own gender identity.


Photo by Rene Baker on Unsplash