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Governance, Registration, Regulation and Insurance

GenderGP can put you in touch with a variety of people and services that provide care to trans and non-binary people, and those who care for them.

This page tells you all you need to know about their qualifications, regulators and governance.

GenderGP Service Providers

All service providers are independent practitioners and are accountable for their own advice, care and services.
All personel are chosen for their commitment to quality and their affirmative approach.
Everyone is bound by the highest standards of governance which are guided by GenderGP, but each person is responsible for their own actions and advice.
GenderGP can put you in touch with a wide range of healthcare, advice and information providers for gender diverse people, and those who support them.
GenderGP offers direct access to a diverse range of experts who provide timely, accessible and affordable help and support. We believe in self empowerment and self identification which puts the individual in charge of their own gender journey.
The GenderGP Mission: To provide access to 100% confidential, safe and genuine gender-affirmative care.


GenderGP is a platform which can signpost you to a variety of services which can help you on your gender journey. All of the people who we can signpost you to to provide services to you are chosen carefully to ensure that they follow the GenderGP model of informed consent and positive gender-affirmation.

GenderGP influencers all sign up to strict models of professional care and have shown a great commitment to safety and high quality service.

GenderGP does not provide direct treatment, legal or medical services, all services are provided by specialists in their own right.

Medical Advice

All medical advice and prescriptions are provided by doctors who work outside of the UK. Due to concerns about transphobia amongst some UK institutions and historic cases of regulatory investigation of UK doctors who offer gender-affirming care, we feel that gender specialists from countries that understand the informed consent model of care are safer for you as a patient, and for the doctors that provide you care.

All doctors who provide medical services are regulated in their own country and have necessary regulation, training, regulation and insurance to cover their work.

Counselling and Support

The team of therapists, counsellors and psychotherapists are highly experienced in the field of gender identity. They are carefully chosen for their qualifications and experience in working with gender diverse people and you can source them independently via GenderGP.

The team of therapists are sourced from across the UK and Europe and can offer appointments by email, telephone, video and in person. They are regulated by their respective professional body (BACP and HCPC) and are all highly trained and governed to provide you with the support you need.

Patient Partners

A Patient Partner is a person who has an interest in the provision of healthcare and wants to become involved to have influence over how it is planned and delivered. A person who has either had experience of being treated by GenderGP or who is a relative or carer of someone who has.

A Patient Partner uses experience, talent, professionalism, motivation and guidance to help improve, measure, change, transform or have influence over healthcare provision. As an equal partner. They do not provide medical advice, but are available to support and guide you through your gender journey.

They are available to speak to by email, telephone, video or in person. They are not able to give medical advice, but are able to signpost you to information applicable to you.

Blood Tests

Blood tests and medical checks are an important part of safe gender-affirming medical treatment. GenderGP can arrange blood tests via your GP, at a venue close to you, or via home testing kits to ensure your safe transition. Contact us for more information.

All blood tests are sent to you by independent clinical laboratory diagnostic services based in the UK and each department in the individual laboratory is consultant led. They can provide you with the laboratory information required for monitoring your therapy and making sure your health is safeguarded. All blood results are actioned within International protocols for gender-affirming medical care.

Join our Team

If you are interested in providing your services in this highly rewarding field then ask us about opportunities. We are always looking for new partners to work with, and are happy to receive articles, blogs, thoughts, stories, videos and photos to share with the trans community and to inform others.

Legal Documents

GenderGP can help with a range of legal documents including: deed poll name changes, passport changes, gender recognition certificates. Legal advice is available form independent trans-friendly legal advisors.

Know your Rights

If you feel you are being discriminated against for reasons relating to your gender then we may be able to help. Whether you’re at school, college or University, at home or at work or in the High Street. Which toilet you can use or what your pension age should be. 

Gender Reassignment is a protected characteristic under The Equality Act 2010 and nobody should face worse treatment as a result of having this characteristic, or from supporting someone with this characteristic.

In The Media

GenderGP we champion better access to healthcare for all.

We get regular coverage in the international, national and community press. Our aim is to raise the profile and issues through all media outlets. Through these platforms, we will raise awareness and understanding for the Transgender community.

Huffington Post

The destination for U.K. news, blogs and original content offering coverage of British politics, entertainment, style, world news, technology and comedy.

TV News & Radio

GP & Gender Specialist – Dr Helen Webberley is a GP with a special interest in gender care and sexual health.

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Therapy room now open

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The GenderGP Portal – Service Update

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