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We’re calling on the community and its allies to add their voices to those who say the recent GRA Reforms don’t go far enough.


With the recent GRA Reforms, we know that there is a significant difference between the number of people identifying as transgender and the number of people applying for a GRC. We believe this is due to the process being inaccessible, both on a practical and an emotional level.

As you may be aware, the process by which you can get a Gender Recognition Certificate is being reviewed by the Government and you are being asked for your input. They’ve made some GRA reforms.

We have taken all of the questions and pulled them together into this form so that you can easily give your answers to the GRA Reforms – to some or all of them – as you wish.

If you want to give your name then we will include that with your answers on the GRA Reforms, if not then we can send your answers anonymously.

We have also drafted our own response, if you prefer to add your voice alongside ours,  you are welcome to do so. It is important that we get as much evidence as we can to the Government to make the changes that we are fighting for in the GRA Reforms. We will submit this information in one go, to demonstrate the depth of feeling which exists on the subject.

Please submit your responses by 20th Nov 2020.


You can read the thoughts of our head of therapy, Marianne Oakes in this blog post.

You can also tune in to this conversation between some of our team members, discussing how the announcements impacted them:

We will continue to fight for the rights of trans people and this is a prime opportunity to get your voices heard.


GenderGP – Fighting for the rights of the Trans Community.